Republic School District

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Will my child's school give the first dose of a new medication?
No, a parent/guardian will need to give the first dose a new medication.  The only time a new medication might be given by the nurse or school designee is in the event of a life threatening emergency situation (such as epinephrine, albuterol, Diastat)
Can my child carry his/her own medication?
No for routine medications, a parent/guardian must provide to the health office the medication in it's orignal container and sign the appropriate paperwork for administration.  Exceptions would be an emergency medication such as epinephrine or albuterol inhaler.  These must be approved with the child's physician, school nurse and parent/guardian.
Can I bring my child's medication in a baggy?
No, all medication (OTC or prescribed) must come in it's original container with clear labeling and not expired. 

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