• Here are a few things to keep in mind when dropping off or picking up students:

    • Only let students out of your car in the designated drop-off sections of the traffic route.
    • Be aware of potential pedestrian students along the traffic route.
    • Please follow the arrows on the maps. Deviating from the provided traffic route can be a potential safety hazard for pedestrian students, and can cause other drivers frustration. 
    • Do not park along the traffic route at any time.
    • Be courteous of other drivers.
    • When picking up, do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to dismissal as that creates traffic congestion. From the time of dismissal, it will only take 13-15 minutes for every child to be picked up. 

    RMS Traffic Flow


    RMS After School Event Traffic Flow

    Help us keep our students safe during event pick up by following the current traffic flow map. We will run three lines and try to get students in vehicles as quickly as possible. Please know that there will be wait time with the volume of students exiting.

    Students will line the sidewalk and be dismissed to their vehicle once faculty has stopped traffic. Please do not ask your student to meet you out in the parking lot, as this places students running in and out of traffic.

    We will begin to release at 10 minutes early if you choose to pick your student up early. We appreciate your help with this procedure and with keeping our students safe.

    After School Event Traffic Flow

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