Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)

AFJROTC Department
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    Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth Koyles

    • JROTC 1
    • Drill and Ceremony

    Lieutenant Colonel Patrick G. Sanders

    • JROTC 2
    • Aviation Ground School Honors

    Specific Course Information

    Aerospace Science Classes are on a 4-year rotation. For a complete description of course rotations contact the AFJROTC instructor.

    • A Journey into Aviation History (AS-100). It is an aviation history course focusing on the development of flight throughout the centuries.
    • The Science of Flight: A Gateway to New Horizons (AS-200). An introductory course and customized textbook that focuses on how airplanes fly, how weather conditions affect flight, flight and the human body, and flight navigation.
    • Exploring Space: The High Frontier (AS-300). This is a science course that includes the latest information available in space science and space exploration.
    • Survival: Survive and Return (AS-400). The survival instruction will provide training in skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully perform fundamental tasks needed for survival.


    Leadership Education Classes are on a 4-year rotation.

    • Citizenship, Character & Air Force Tradition (LE-100) Introduces cadets to the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program providing a basis for progression through the rest of the AFJROTC program while instilling elements of good citizenship.
    • Communication, Awareness and Leadership (LE- 200) Stresses communications skills and cadet corps activities. Much information is provided on communicating effectively, understanding groups and teams, preparing for leadership, solving conflicts and problems, and personal development.
    • Life Skills and Career Opportunity (LE-300) Helps students in deciding which path to take after high school. Information on how to apply for admission to college or to a vocational or technical school is included.
    • Principles of Management (LE-400) This course provides exposure to the fundamentals of management. The text contains many leadership topics that will benefit students as well as provide them with some of the necessary skills needed to put into practice what they have learned during their time in AFJROTC.


    Wellness Program: Wellness is an official and integral part of the AFJROTC program. It consists of two exercise programs focused upon individual base line improvements with the goal of achieving a national standard as calculated by age and gender. The wellness curriculum is instrumental in developing citizens of character dedicated to serving our nation and communities. Each cadet will have their own individualized training program. Other activities will also be included to keep the Wellness Program fun and motivating.