Submitting Information to Communications Department

    To submit information about a unique activity or event happening in your classroom or building, please follow the directions below:

    1. Email communications@republicschools.org and copy your building principal (high school also copy highschoolmedia@republicschools.org.
    • Include:
      • The building you work in.
      • Date of the event/activity.
      • A short description of the event/activity and explain why it helps achieve district/building goals, promotes student success, and what experience it provides for our students.
          2. Attach photos or associated files (PDF files of fliers) if available. Feel free to use your phone or tablet to take photos of
              your event. Unless it is a large, building-wide event it will be difficult for the Director of Communications to attend as there
              are many activities taking place throughout the school year.



    Once this information is received, the Communications Specialist will work with building leaders to determine the best method for distribution if it meets district and building improvement plan goals. If further information is needed, you will be contacted directly. Keep in mind that every effort will be made to communicate about your submission. Thank you for your partnership in helping us spread the word about the great things happening within Republic School District!


    Submission Examples:
    • Student accolades—recognition for winning a school-related contest, attendance celebrations, state/national achievements, etc.
    • Staff accolades—recognition for regional/state/national achievements, being chosen to present at conferences, etc.
    • Project based learning that deeply engages students and involves guest speakers or community involvement.
    • Highly engaging classroom activity that showcases a direct correlation to your building’s BSIP goals.
    • Building level activity—ROAR assemblies/awards, homecoming activities, attendance celebrations, field day, etc.
    • Holiday/milestone celebrations—Veteran’s Day, Earth Day, 100th Day of School, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.