• FEMA Safe Room FAQs
    When is the FEMA Safe Room open for use?  
    This facility's main purpose is to protect students and staff during school hours, but outside of school hours (before 8:00 a.m. and after 3:45 p.m.) the FEMA Safe Room will be open to patrons living within a 1/2 mile radius from the facility during tornado warnings issued by Republic Emergency Management and/or the National Weather Service. Patrons with eligible addresses will receive a letter when the FEMA Safe Room is open. It can hold up to 1,454 individuals during severe weather.

    What is the official notification that a watch or warning has been issued?
    The district will be utilizing Republic Emergency Management and the National Weather Service to identify official tornado warnings. 

    Where is the FEMA Safe Room located?
    This facility is located on the campus of Sweeny Elementary (720 North Main, Republic MO) near the intersection of Main Street and Hwy 174. 

    Are animals allowed?
    Only certified aid animals will be permitted inside the FEMA Safe Room, and proper identification must be shown before entering. Owners will be responsible for the care and actions of aid animals. 

    For questions please email josey.mcphail@republicschools.org.