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    The Republic School District welcomes parent and community volunteers!  We appreciate your commitment to our students!  Volunteers are welcome throughout the district and can serve in a variety of capacities.  Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following: Watch D.O.G.S., lunch helpers, track and field day, assisting in the library, assisting teachers, class parties, special events, concessions.   Please review the information below to understand the responsibilities of volunteers with Republic Schools.



    The Board of Education recognizes that community and parent volunteers make valuable contributions to the district’s schools and encourages volunteer participation in district programs. Further, parent and community involvement are essential components of high student achievement. The Board endorses a volunteer program and expects its professional staff to encourage and strengthen community and parent involvement in the schools.



    As a volunteer, you may be exposed to information about students that is considered confidential.  School law emphasizes the requirement that student information be kept confidential. Any information, whether oral or written, concerning any child or his or her family is confidential and privileged by law.  Volunteers will uphold student confidentiality by:

    • Valuing student privacy and conducting all conversations in a private, professional manner.
    • Respecting confidentiality by only discussing student matters with school employees who are in direct contact with that student. (Information should not be shared with district personnel who are not on a need to know basis or the parents of that student.)
    • Keeping personal technology such as a tablet or smart phone out of the reach of students.
    • Videoing with a cell phone or similar device is prohibited.
    • Limiting photography to only your child.
    • Protecting non-public school or student information from others via written, oral, or online communication.
    • Recognizing the basic dignities of all individuals with whom the volunteer interacts in the performance of duties.
    • Holding in confidence such information as the volunteer may acquire.
    • Taking care not to imply through his or her individual actions an endorsement from the district.



    Student safety and security is a top priority.  We want to support our volunteers in maintaining high standards in student safety.  To promote the safety and security of our students, volunteers will:

    • Complete the Child Abuse Neglect Registry Form (CLICK HERE) each year.
    • Maintain just and courteous professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.
    • Represent the school system in a positive manner on all public occasions.
    • Place the welfare of children as their first priority.
    • Refrain from using school contacts and privileges to promote partisan politics, sectarian religious views, or non-professional self-serving interests of any kind.
    • Properly use and protect all school properties, equipment, and materials.
    • Report any bullying, harassment or discrimination to the building principal or designee. 

    Individuals who volunteer in schools are required to complete the Child Abuse Neglect Registry Form (CLICK HERE). New forms must be submitted each year.  You may complete a copy of the form on the district website or request a paper copy from your child’s school.  Forms should be returned to the office of the building in which you will be volunteering.  There is no fee associated with this procedure.  All information received by the district pursuant to criminal background checks is confidential. 



    A part of ensuring the safety and security of all students is the ability to recognize when a student needs help.  All employees and volunteers working within a school or organization who work directly with children are mandatory child abuse and neglect reporters.

    If you suspect abuse, follow these guidelines:

    • Report the abuse to the Principal or his or her designee immediately, but no later than within 24 hours when there is reasonable cause of any suspected abuse
    • If you believe a student is going to disclose something to you, stop them by saying, “I think this is something we need to talk to the counselor/principal about.”
    • Do not question the child, this may impede an investigation.

    What if the child discloses before I can stop them?

    • Do not ask any questions
    • Thank them for being brave enough to tell you
    • Tell them that it is not their fault and they are not in trouble
    • Tell them that you must share this information with another trusted adult
    • Immediately report to the principal, counselor or other administrator

    What if I am wrong?

    • It is always better err on the side of caution.
    • Immunity is provided to reporters when the report was made in good faith and with concern for the child’s wellbeing.



    Thank you for investing in our learners!  We appreciate you reviewing the volunteer responsibilities and look forward to serving with you!