Early Childhood Center

Parents As Teachers
serving children prenatal to 5 (kindergarten entry) 
Click the following link to get the needed form to enroll in the PAT program: Enrollment Form 
Why enroll in Parents As Teachers?
  • You are your child's first teacher and your home is your child's first classroom.
  • Your baby will learn more during the early years than any other time in life.
  • Parents As Teachers can help you lay a strong foundation for your child's future success in school.
  • Parents As Teachers is offered at no cost to all interested parents in the district.
Benefits of Parents As Teachers:
A recent follow-up study indicates that the Parents As Teachers program produces lasting benefits for children and families.
  • PAT children were significantly more advanced in language, problem solving and social development   at age 3.
  • PAT children had significantly higher scores on reading and math standardized tests than did children not participating in the program.
  • Parents stay more involved in their child's education, both at school and at home.
  • Parents are more confident in their parenting skills and knowledge.
Program Services ( All Services are provided FREE by Certified Parent Educators):
  • Personal Visits:  Republic Parent Educators, who are specially trained in child development, make personalized home visits.
  • Group Connections:  Group meetings provide a time to share child development information and parenting issues with parents and to enjoy learning activities with your child.
  • Screenings: Developmental screening is offered to assess your child's overall development as well as health, hearing and vision.
  • Referral Network:  PAT helps link families to other community services.