• Scholarships and Financial Aid

    National Scholarships
    Listed below are links to a few of the most popular websites used to search for national scholarships. We encourage you to take time to
    go on these sites to research national scholarships that may be applicable to you.


    ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when putting your personal information online, even when applying for scholarships! Some websites will appear to be scholarship opportunities, but are scams in disguise. Please visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for helpful tips on how to recognize Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams. 


    College and University Scholarships

    To research college or university scholarships, please look at the website of the school in which you are interested. You can typically find
    information about scholarships under a link on the main page that is labeled something like "future students" or "scholarships and
    financial aid". If you have questions concerning a specific scholarship offered at a university, please contact their admissions department.
    Regional and State Scholarships
    There are a number of regional and state scholarships for which students may be eligible.  You may access a list of some of the more
    popular regional and state scholarships by clicking here.
    Local Scholarships - Unless otherwise denoted, all local scholarship forms will be available online beginning February 1, 2022.  Applications will be due in the Counseling Office and/or online no later than 3PM on March 25, 2022. Award amounts are dependent on available funding. To access local scholarships please click  Local Scholarships