• Mark Gimlin
    Mark Gimlin  
    Elected: April 2012

    2nd Term - Expires: April 2018


    Mark Gimlin and his family have lived in Republic for 17 years. He has two sons attending the district and his wife, Misty is a special education teacher at McCulloch Elementary.


    Mr. Gimlin attended College of the Ozarks where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree which led him to his current work in sales management. Outside of volunteering his time as a board of education member, Mr. Gimlin is a member of the local Kiwanis group.


    When asked why he chose to serve on the Board of Education, Mr. Gimlin replied, “My board goal was to make sure that we operated a district where every child is learning in every subject every year, no matter what. That’s the success that I want to help create for my children and yours also…Kids First!”