Early Childhood Center, Schofield Gym/High Wind Shelter & Land for Future School Building
    We would like to say a sincere and big THANK YOU to our community for your support in PASSING the April 6, 2021 no tax levy increase bond issue! We are so excited to begin work on the new Republic Early Childhood Center, gymnasium/high wind shelter at Schofield and purchasing land to build a new school in 4-5 years. We appreciate your continued support and will keep you updated on this page along the way! 
    Currently, the projects are out for bid as of April 8, 2021. We will share more as it takes place. You can continue to find information about the bond issue at republicschools.org/bondissue. #repmoproud
  • October 25, 2021 Update

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 10/25/2021

    Our construction projects are coming along nicely! #RepMOProud


    The new EC building is about 30% complete, which is right on schedule. The exterior of the high wind shelter is nearly complete. Interior walls are going in, all slab pours have been completed, the storm sewer has been installed along with the water line. Roofing and electric are a few of the next steps.


    The Schofield gym/high wind shelter is about 40% complete, also right on schedule. The precast panels are set, the underground rough in is complete and the main concrete slab floor has been poured. Next steps include interior masonry walls, framing of corridor walls, roofing and electrical rough-in.







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  • Construction Updates!

    Posted by Aubrey Brock on 8/5/2021

    Contractors are setting the large walls for the gymnasium/high wind shelter at Schofield Elementary, and concrete work is taking place on the new Early Childhood Center. We're so thankful to our community for making these projects possible! #repmoproud


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  • Ground has Broken!

    Posted by Aubrey Brock on 6/9/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Construction of the NEW Early Childhood Building has begun! We're incredibly thankful to our community for making this project happen. Construction of the Schofield gymnasium will begin soon. We'll keep you updated throughout this process with updates on this page. #repmoproud


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  • Activity Facility

    Activity Facility

    Below you will find updates regarding the progress of the activity facility at Republic High School which was completed in August 2018.  Thank you to our community for voting YES at 71.8% on April 4, 2017! 
  • Thank You! Republic High School Stadium is Officially Open!

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 8/27/2018

    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the first official home football game in the new Republic High School Stadium! Our AMAZING community provided the opportunity for this new facility, and we cannot say “thank you” enough! Check out the video we put together that was shown during the opening ceremony by clicking on the image, in case you missed it. #repmoproud #THANKYOU

    Welcome to Republic High School Stadium

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  • Grand Opening Events

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 7/9/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Check out those TIGER eyes! The new activity facility at RHS is nearing completion, and we are looking forward to sharing it with our community very soon! Make plans to join us for the following grand opening events:


    Open House: Thursday, August 9, 5:00-8:00 p.m. Come and go as your schedule permits!


    First Home Football Game: Friday, August 24 Festivities will begin at 6:25 p.m.

    Tiger Eyes  Field field 2 outside

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  • Update 4.9.18

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 4/9/2018

    Despite the cold weather, progress continues to be made on the RHS activity facility!  The concrete pad for the home bleachers has been poured and the bleachers have arrived on site. Installation is underway! An exciting element that was recently added is the installation of the scoreboard, which is nearing completion. The video board and the back logo have been placed on the scoreboard structure. We’re so excited about the interactive abilities this feature will provide. The masonry work is almost complete on the ticket booth and facility entrance. In addition, things are really moving forward with the drywall and painting inside the structures. The project is on time and on budget. We are looking forward to opening this facility this fall! #repmoproud


    To see the latest drone footage of the facility, captured by Tristan Bethea, visit https://youtu.be/zcnf-Ldzd2w.


    AF1  AF 2  AF3  AF4

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  • Construction Update 2.27.18

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 2/27/2018
    The construction crew continues to make progress on the RHS Activity Facility, even through some difficult weather conditions. The exterior masonry work and the roofing structure is nearing completion at the visitor field house. Electric and plumbing crews continue work on the interior of the building as well. At the home field house the masonry work is up and going, and the roofing crew is installing the base for the roofing panels. Electric and plumbing crews continue work on the interior of the building. Concrete crews are pouring piers for the home bleachers as well as pouring the concrete bleachers and sidewalks. The stadium lights have been installed and the turf installation is complete. Progress feels great! #repmoproud
    AF1  AF 2  AF3  AF4
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  • Progress Despite the Cold!

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 1/29/2018

    Despite the cold, winter weather we’ve experienced lately, the RHS activity facility project continues to move forward! Since the last update the roofing crew has installed trusses and began roof decking on the home field house. The masonry crew has almost completed the exterior brick work on the visitor field house and will move to the home field house shortly. Rubber infill is being placed on the turf, which is the last step in the turf installation process! Plumbers and electricians continue interior work on both field houses, and light poles have been constructed and installed. Dirt work is taking place in preparation for the bleachers and press box, and concrete crews are working on the sidewalks and plaza areas. We are excited to see this continued progress!

    Check out the pictures and drone footage video taken by RHS student, Tristan Bethea: https://youtu.be/cctn0jtXBxs

    1.24.18 update  1.24.18 update2

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  • End of Year Update

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 12/18/2017

    Since the last update, the turf crew has almost completed the installation of the turf. The end zone lettering, mid-field logo, numbers, and hash marks are completed. The next steps involve edging work along the track and placing the rubber fill into the playing surface. The visitor field house has insulation and underlayment for the roof and are awaiting the installation of the roof panels. The home field house is nearing completion with interior and the final exterior walls being constructed. The roof company will begin installation on the roof structure of the home field house once all walls are constructed. The main ticket booth has been constructed and the roof has been installed. Masonry crews will begin bricking the visitor field house and then move on to the ticket booths and the home field house. The light poles are being constructed and prepped for installation, and dirt work is being completed in preparation for the bleachers on both the home and visitor sides. The project continues to be on time and on budget! 


    Check out the drone footage and photos captured by students, Jared Doty and Tristan Brown: https://youtu.be/Wsvr1NK7ANs

    Turf Update 1  Turf Update 2  Turf Update 3  Turf Update 4

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  • Turf Installation

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 12/1/2017

    The turf installation has begun on the RHS activity facility! Check out the drone footage by RHS students Jared Doty and Tristan Brown. Despite the windy conditions, these students did a great job!

    DRONE FOOTAGE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/6H3JPl_aBYk

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  • Construction Update 11.7.17

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 11/7/2017

    The construction of the activity facility continues to progress at a wonderful pace. Since the last update, the visitor field house exterior block work has been completed and the metal roof trusses hav​e been installed. Installation of the metal roof panels will be next.


    At the home field house site exterior and interior block walls are being constructed. Also, plumbing for the restrooms and concession area is being installed. Once the plumbing is completed the second half of the slab will be poured.


    The footing for the ticket booths have been roughed in with conduit being pulled to the location. The dirt work for bleachers on both the home and visitor sides has begun as well. The turf crew has completed all the concrete pours for the track and field events and are putting the final touches on the sub base for the turf. The crew has also installed a goal post. The next steps will be to finalize and test the sub base and then proceed with installation of the turf.


    Thank you to our student photography team for these great pictures and drone video footage: https://youtu.be/kaGAwg-711U!

    Activity Facility 11.7.17 one  Activity Facility 11.7.17 two  Activity Facility Update 11.7.17 three  Activity Facility Progress 11.7.17 four

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  • Construction Update 10.23.17

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 10/23/2017 3:00:00 PM

    Construction of the RHS activity facility is moving right along! RHS student Tristan Bethea captured these great shots and awesome video on October 20. Here are a few highlights of the current progress:

    *The sub-base for the turf is being installed.

    *Half of the foundation for the home side concession and locker room area has been completed.

    *Construction of the visitor concession and locker room walls is in progress.

    *The ticket booth area is being dug out this week.

    *Runways for long jump, triple jump and pole vault have been created along with the pad for high jump.

    *Preparations for the goal post foundations are also being made.

    We are on track to open this facility in the fall of 2018!

    DRONE VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/HanBjZ28x6k

    10.20.17  Oct 20  

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  • Making Progress!

    Posted by Josey McPhail on 10/2/2017

    Thank you to RHS students Tristan Brown and Jared Doty for capturing this footage of the activity facility construction! The perimeter drainage around the field is currently being installed, and play clock footings have been constructed. The old goal posts have been removed as they would have been too short with the new turf going in soon. The foundation has been poured for the visitor side locker rooms and concession stand. In addition, block walls are currently being constructed for the visitor side areas as well. #makingprogress #repmoproud  

    DRONE FOOTAGE: https://youtu.be/yO0dvjuvRx0


    9.29 AF1  9.29 AF2  9.29 AF3  9.29 AF4

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