Our Vision

  • Every child and adolescent in the Republic RIII School District will be healthy and safe while achieving academic success.

Our Mission

  • We will enrich, educate and enlighten Republic RIII School District Students through providing accessible health care, promoting prevention and partnering with parents and staff to enable students to perform at their personal best.

Our Values

  • Parents are primarily responsible for the health of their children; school nurses work in partnership with parents in providing health services to their children while in school.  
    The appropriate roles of the school nurse in the health program include manager of school health care by assessing needs, planning and implementing interventions and evaluation outcomes; advocate for the rights of children to promote a healthier student population;  health counselor for children, parents and school personnel.
    Every school-aged child is entitled to educational opportunities that will allow him/her to reach full potential as an individual and prepare him/her for responsibility as a healthy citizen.
    Every child is entitled to a level of health that permits optimum use of educational opportunities.  The school health program, through the components of health services and health education, provides understanding and knowledge for Republic RIII School District students to base decisions for the promotion and protection of individual, family and community health.
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  • Re-printed with permission by the National Association of School Nurses