Results of Weekly Release Surveys
    In December of 2014 two surveys were distributed to gather input regarding the potential implementation of a weekly release for the Republic School District. First, a survey was distributed to all district teachers for feedback, and several weeks later a similar survey went out to community patrons. Below are the results of those surveys: survey:
    District Teacher Weekly Release Survey Results 
    64% Strongly in favor of collaboration

    23% In favor of collaboration


    52% of respondents want Friday as release day.
    • 18% Monday
    • 15% Wednesday

    73% want Early Release (230 respondents)

    • 63% of these respondents wanted to add 10 extra minutes to the weekly collaboration time which would reduce the need for an additional FLEX SI day. (197 respondents)
    Community Patron Weekly Release Survey Results 
     The community patron survey indicated that 74% of the respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the implementation of a weekly release. Of those in agreement, 61% indicated that they preferred an early release. Of the respondents that identified a preferred day, 90% selected Friday for the weekly release.