• PLEASE KEEP A POSITIVE BALANCE IN YOUR STUDENT'S MEAL ACCOUNT!  Payments may be made a week or more in advance.  Checks or payments thru Paypal are the preferred payment method.
    Check or Cash Payments
    • Place in an sealed envelope with the student's name, school name, and payment amount on the outside of the envelope. It can then be sent to school with your student.
    • Elementary students will give the payment envelope to their classroom teacher.
    • Middle School and High School students will put payments in the lunch deposit box located on the Attendance Secretary's desk in their school office.
    Paypal Payments
    Paypal charges a 2.9% processing fee in addition to a $.30 transaction fee.  Example:  For a $20.00 payment, $19.12 will be applied to the child's account.
    • To make a deposit into your child's meal account using Paypal, in the "Student and Building" field, please provide your child's name, and the building they attend.  For example, "John Smith, Lyon".  For multiple children, separate each one with a semicolon.
    • When you have completed your child's information, click on the "Pay Now" link below. 


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