• To appropriately communicate various situations that could potentially take place
     throughout the school year, two specific terms will be utilized: lockout and lockdown. These terms have very different meanings and very different procedures that will take place when implemented. Our goal is to effectively communicate what is taking place in our buildings during these various situations, and we felt these two terms most accurately will help in achieving this goal.  

    A lockout will take place when there is an incident or situation where there is no direct danger or threat perceived toward students, employees, or school facilities. Business as usual will continue to take place within our school building walls. However, students are brought inside from any outdoor activities and
    doors are additionally secured. 

    It is important to note that our buildings operate daily in near-lockout status. Perimeter doors are locked and visitors are screened at the building's entrance.
    Example of a lockout situation: A neighboring district is in lockdown. As a precaution we may put our buildings into a lockout due to community unrest until the situation is resolved. 
    A lockdown will take place when there is a situation or the district has received information regarding a potential threat to students and employees. Internal procedures, which are practiced throughout the year, are implemented. Emergency personnel may be called on site to assist.