Republic School District

Republic School District AED Program

Republic Schools have had AED's since 2004. Our policy is in place and ready for any cardiac emergency. We currently have 12 AED's across the district (one in each student occupied building, one with the athletic trainer and the last 3 in the athletic fieldhouses). Our school district is a supporter of AED Programs in schools and advocates for emergency preparedness in all crisis.
American Heart Association (AHA) supports AED programs in schools.  Read more about the AHA recommendations here Cardiac Emergency Response in Schools.  Here is a story of 2 school nurses using the schools AED to save the lives of 2 people (one student and one parent) 
Location of each AED device
Early Childhood main entry -  LifePak Express
Sweeny FEMA Shelter - LifePak Express
Lyon Elementary main entry - LifePak Express
Price Elementary main entry - LifePak Express
Schofield Elementary main hall way - LifePak Express
McCulloch Elementary - hallway by gymnasium - LifePak Express
RMS - hallway by gymnasium - LifePak Express
RHS- common's area - Zoll AEDPlus
RHS Athletic Trainer - Zoll AEDPlus
RHS Football Fieldhouse (located at the middle school campus) - Zoll AEDPlus
RHS Soccer/Tennis Fieldhouse - Zoll AEDPlus
RHS Baseball/Softball Fieldhouse - Zoll AEDPlus 
Transportation Building - Lifepak Express 
Types of devices 
Lifepak Express
 Zoll AEDPlus
AED Program Coordinator Contact Information
Natalie Botkin, BSN, RN, NCSN
District AED Program Coordinator
District Wellness Program Coordinator
District Head Nurse 
4370 S. RepMo Dr.
Republic, MO  65738
417-732-3650 x5153