Wellness Contact Information

  • Republic District Wellness Coordinator

    Natalie Botkin, BSN, RN, NCSN





    Cox Total Wellness Representatives



    Zach Starnes, Wellness Ed Specialist





    For assistance with online wellness

    account portal, please call 1-800-260-2667.



Wellness Events

  • Employee HRA's April 2020

    Mammogram Bus April 2020




Mercy Health System

  • Mercy Health Insurance Access

    MyMercy - MyMercy allows Mercy patients to request an appointment, begin an e-visit, view lab results, pay a bill and much more.  To create an account or to access your existing account, go to mymercy.net.

    Mercy Mobile App 

    MyMercy has an app for your iOS or Android mobile device.   Go to the App Store for iOS or google play for android.


    Why have an online account?   Staying connected to your medical home where you receive your primary care is the best way to advocate for you and your family. Whether on your computer, laptop or mobile, you can conveniently see your lab/test results, make appointments, pay or view a bill, refill prescriptions or send a routine medical question to your physician.  


    What is an E-visit?  An e-visit is an electronic visit with your physician and may be used for minor illnesses.  This can help if no appointments are available or long waits at the doctor's office.  The cost of an e-visit will vary based on your insurance but most cost approximately $25-$35.  

Cox Health System

  • Need a physician in the Cox network?

    Call 417-269-info


    Urgent Care (some additional fees may apply, read notice on door at Turner Center)

    Now open 24/7 inside the Turner Center, 1000 E. Primrose St. Springfield, 417-269-9812



    Go to coxhealth.com/savemyspot.

    Choose your location.  Select a time that works best for you.   Complete a short form and you're in line.


    Orthopedic and Sports Injury Walk-in Clinic

    3555 S. National Ave, Springfield, 417-875-3800


    Cox Health Virtual Visits

    Nov. 1, 2019 - Feb. 29th, 2020

    Click on Virtual Visits.

    Below are several need-to-knows:

    1.  Use code:  Flu30

    2.  Payment will occur online at the time of the visit.  Debit or credit 

    3.  After payment, a link will appear for you to click on and join the virtual room.  No longer will you have to await a phone call to receive login instructions.


    Contact 417.269.8633 or 1.888.805.8965  for assistance.


    Total Wellness Portal Access

    Wellness Portal  - Click here to log in to your employee wellness account or to create one (must have an account in order to register for HRA) 


     Personal Dashboard

    Navigate thru the many opportunities for health and wellness thru your dashboard.  You can talk to a trainer, talk to a dietitian, search menus for a diet designed specifically for you, track your exercise and register for any events you might want to participate in.


    Training Devices  (Fitbit, Garmin etc)

    Connect to Fitbit, Garmin or choose from 15 other devices - click on the "Connect your apps & devices" on the left side of your dashboard.