Wellness Monthly Updates and Reports

  • November 2020
         Staff Communicator on November 5th shares Employee Assistance Program available to staff.
         Tooth Truck will be on campus starting November 2nd for qualifying children in need of treatment and/or preventive cleanings.
    October 2020
         A lot of health, wellness and safety activities this month across the district.
         Student Flu Shot Clinic held October 20-23rd.
         Fall Wellness Meeting postponed due to current pandemic status.
         Spring HRA's & WBOT are being scheduled.
         Office Umbarger speaks to elementary students across the district about "stranger danger".
         RHS Ag Science class is learning "farm to table".
         The school district begins its "Stronger Together" campaign.
         October 19-23rd we celebrated National School Bus Safety week.  
         October12-16th we celebrated National School Lunch Week.
         October 15th - we took part in the "Great Shake Out" earthquake drill.
         October 2nd we celebrated National Custodial Workers Day as they are an integral part of health, wellness and safety of our school district.
    September 2020
         Planning begins for February heart month activities.  N. Botkin met virtually September 10th with Amy Emery, outgoing youth coordinator for AHA and new region youth coordinator Jen Rogers.
         Employee Flu Shot Clinic held September 14-15th.
         Tiger Totes (food backpack program) begins for children in need.
    August 2020
         Covid-19 Information updated regularly by the Director of Communications via Tiger Talk, Staff Communicator, school website and school social media platforms.
         RepMo Return to Learn Guidelines for parents/students and faculty/staff is released.
         Tips for Mask Safety can be found on the school district webpage.
         Daily Wellness Checks can be found on the school district webpage.
    May 2020
          COVID-19 Information can be found on Health Services website as remainder of school year cancelled.
    April 2020
          Spring Wellness Committee meeting cancelled due to COVID Pandemic.  No rescheduled date known at this time.
          Spring Wellness Committee meeting will be held on April 23rd, 530-630.
          District-wide health risk assessments were cancelled due to COVID-19.
          WBOT (Mercy mammogram bus) cancelled due to COVID-19.
    March 2020
           Mr. Perkins, Josey McPhail, and Natalie Botkin attended the first Greene Co. Health dept. meeting regarding the novel virus COVID-19.  Since this meeting, the district has been in constant contact with local health authorities regarding the coronavirus via email, phone and conference-calling.  Internal meetings are occurring to ensure our district is doing all it can to keep students and staff healthy.  Communication is going out to parents via our usual channels of communication.  
          Spring Wellness meeting has been postponed until April 23rd.
           Health Risk Assessment enrollments have begun.  Each building is assigned a date in April and enough spots are available for all employees.  A light healthy breakfast will be served to participants.
    February 2020
          Republic Schools will officially celebrate GoRed Friday on February 28th.
          Heart Health Month activities #2020FunFitFridays one example is Sweeny learners being active with 20 squats in celebration of the official #GoRedFriday.  
          Dr. Pearce and Natalie Botkin attended a panel discussion with Cox and Ollis regarding added benefits for employee health & wellness.
    January 2020
          Sweeny P.E. Posse made a "Stop the Flu" video.
         #QuitLying event planned for January 27th with secondary buildings.  This American Heart Association event is a student-led initiative to help combat the vaping epidemic.  For more information regarding the initiative, you can go to www.quitlying.org
         N. Botkin updated the student health & wellness page as well as post an updated online allergen brochure. 
         Heart Health Month plans are underway with the assistance of the American Heart Association local youth director.  Go Red Day will be celebrated at Republic Schools on February 28th. 
         Employee health risk assessments are scheduled for April and N. Botkin is in communication with Cox Wellness Team in regards to the specifics of the event as the district's goal is to see 85% participation.
    December 2019
         N. Botkin meets with Cox Total Wellness Zach Starnes on December 3rd. 
         A reminder to all employees via the staff communicator to refresh their Total Wellness account if they are not currently active with it.  The Total Wellness account is the employee's way to register for the health risk assessment and wellness challenges.
    November 2019
         N. Botkin meets with Amy Emery, American Heart Association youth liaison, planning heart month activities for district on November 21st.
         Reminder sent to school staff via staff communicator to use their wellness portal.  Instructions on how to log in as returning user and as new user sent with the reminder.  Information provided to Director of Communications on November 19th.
         N.Botkin attends the Wellness Champion meeting by METs on November 6th.
         School Resource Officers speak to students regarding "stranger danger", drugs and vaping.
    October 2019
         Flu Shots for students the week of October 21st-28th.
         Flu shots for employees on October 1st and 2nd.
    September 2019
         BOE votes to re-word guidelines for snacks, birthday celebrations, and class/school parties.  Revision request will be sent to MSBA and final review planned for the October BOE meeting.
         Wellness Committee submits to BOE 4 options/recommendations regarding snacks (p/p ADF & ADF-AP1) for September board meeting.
         Lyon Elementary first Fun Run on September 20, 2019.
         Fall Wellness Committee Meeting will be held on September 5th, 2019.
    August 2019
         Dr. Pearce, Natalie Botkin, and Amy Emery, AHA Youth Director met to discuss February Heart Month activities for Republic Schools as well as yearlong wellness activities and messaging for staff.  Fun Fit Friday, Life Simple 7 and Life is Why video were all discussed.
         BOE asked Natalie Botkin and Ruth Melvin, Director of Nutrition Services to attend the August Board Meeting to answer any questions they might have regarding Policy ADF and Procedure ADF-AP1.
         Jason Perkins and Natalie Botkin met on August 7th and discussed general wellness activities for the 2019/2020 school year.  HRA's and WBOT are already scheduled for April 2020.  Staff flu vaccines are being scheduled for October.
    July 2019
         Dr. Pearce and Natalie Botkin met in July regarding February Heart Health Month and general wellness activities.
    May 2019
        May 4th - ROAR Run
        May 7th - RMS held an on-site no-cost Tdap/Menactra vaccination clinic for incoming 8th graders.
        May 6th - RHS held an on-site no-cost Tdap/Menactra vaccination clinic for incoming 12th graders.
    April 2019
         Running Clubs in the elementary buildings are gearing up for the May 4th ROAR Run.
         Cox Fitness exercise classes offered at RHS, RMS and Sweeny.  The variety of cardio, yoga and time of day was a way to change it up for our elementary and secondary faculty and staff.
         Health Risk Assessments will be on campus April 24th, 25th, 26th.
         WBOT (mobile mammogram bus) will be on-site April 25th at Price Elementary.
         METs Wellness Chamption meeting was held on April 23rd and Natalie Botkin, Republic Wellness Champion, attended on behalf of Republic Schools.
    March 2019
          Adhoc Committee of Administrators met on March 15th to discuss wellness rollout for 2019-2020 school year.
    February 2019
         Natalie Botkin presented to AdCab on February 13th regarding Policy ADF and Procedure ADF-AP1, a summary of final rule from USDA, Smart Snacks, establishing wellness committees in each building, 1 district committee, compliance assessment.
    December 2018
         METs Wellness Champion meeting was held on December 4th and Natalie Botkin attended on behalf of Republic Schools as the Republic Wellness Champion and was a member of the Wellness Champion's discussion panel for the meeting.
    October 2018
         Jordan Valley mobile medical unit provided flu shots at no-cost for all students on October 29th & 30th.
         Staff flu shot clinic provided by Cox as a part of our Total Wellness package.
    August 2018
         On-site immunization clinics offered for RMS and RHS students.  Partnering with Jordan Valley allows us to offer these no-cost vaccines to students in need of required vaccines for school attendance.
    May 2018
         ROAR Run 
    April 2018
         Spring Wellness Committee Meets on the 24th from 530-630 at Central Office Board Training Room.
         Water Challenge begins April 9th and will last for 4 weeks.  Faculty and staff are required to drink a minimum of 8-8oz of water at least 4 days a week.
         Health Risk Assessments will be on campus April 25, 26, and 27th.
         WBOT (mammograms) will be on-site April 26th at Price Elementary parking lot (by appointment only).
    March 2018
          Exercise Challenge $50 Visa gift card drawing winner Hailey Reppond, McCulloch teacher.
          New Wellness Policy ADF Adhoc Committee met on 3.5.18 to review the smart snack component and procedure ADF-AP.  AdCab will discuss at April meeting and submit questions and input to the adhoc committee after the meeting.
    February 2018
          Celebrating heart health awarenss.
          The Tooth Truck visited Republic Schools.
    January 2018
          Wellness Bus on Tour (Mercy WBOT) will be on-campus April 26th, 2018.  HRA's will now be on April 25, 26. and 27th of 2018
          Exercise Challenge for all district employees will start January 22nd.
         The Tooth Truck will be on-campus in February.  Plans and schedules for their visit are being scheduled now.
    December 2017
    November 2017
          Savings Sight and MSU Vision screeners have completed 0n-site screenings and referrals have been made.
    October 2017
          Employee Flu Vaccine Clinic - immunized approximately 250 employees.
          Student Flu Vaccine Clinic - immunized approximately 650 students.
    September 2017
         Health Risk Assessments days have been scheduled for April 26 & 27th, 2018.
         Employee Flu Vaccine Clinic.
              All employees are offered the opportunity to receive their flu shot on-site in the coming month (date TBD). This is convenient for employees and decreases amount of time away from school for all employees.  (update - employees flu shot clinic is scheduled for October 5th, 2017)
              Student Vaccine Clinics
                   Republic Schools partner with Jordan Valley for free immunization clinics.
                   Immunizations were offered to students in April and August for Tdap, Menactra or kindergarten series.
                   Partnership for fall student flu shots are in progress. (Update:  Student flu shots are scheduled for Oct. 19th and 26th, 2017)
         Fall Wellness Committee Meeting
               October 24th, 2017 at 5:30pm, location will be at the Central Office Board Room.
    August 2017
         Work has begun on student and employee flu vaccine clinic dates.
    July 2017
         We have begun efforts to establish next year’s HRA dates in order to promote this valuable health and wellness tool throughout the school year.
    June 2017
         No update or board report   
    May 2017
         Health Risk Assessments took place on April 26th, 27th and 28th . HRA’s provide BP, biometric assessment and blood work.  This will culminate in to an assessment of the employee’s health risk.  This empowers individuals to “know their numbers” so they take charge and be proactive to become healthy.  52 employees participated.
         Mercy Wellness Bus on Tour provides mammograms and was on-site April 28th. 20 employees accessed this service
         Students - Free immunization clinics April 28th and May 1st 
              63 students participated at RHS.
              75 Students participated at RMS
              We had a few incoming kindergarteners utilize the mobile unit as well.
              Incoming kindergarten, 8th & 12th graders have immunization requirements in order to attend summer school.
          Tooth Truck is wrapping up at our elementary buildings.
               Lyon, Sweeny and RMS participated 1st week
               25 children seen and provided $25,354 worth of free dental care
               McCulloch, Schofield and Price will participate week of May 8th.
               Full report available in June.
    April 2017 

              Cox Wellness HRA’s will be held at the end of April.

                   April 26th at RHS, 6:30-8   

                   April 27th at RMS from 6:30-0715 and Price 07:30-08:30

                   April 28th at Sweeny & EC from 6:30-08:30

             Mercy WBOT for mammograms will be on April 28th, Friday and will be located on the Price parking lot.

             Running Clubs began at the elementary buildings in preparation of the May ROAR Run        

             Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) Program is now complete.  In 2011, I began with a goal for the Republic School District to have an AED accessible in all student-occupied buildings by 2015.  We met that goal in 2014 and began to work on providing this life-saving device in all buildings across the district.   I am pleased to announce we have just installed the last AED at our transportation facility.  Our current total is 13 AED’s.  I have included the AED Site Location document and will send this updated information to our local emergency responders. 

    March 2017 

    ·         Employee events

                  February was “Heart Health” month

                106 faculty/staff members participated

                102 staff members tracked activity totaling 23,658 minutes

                61 staff members had their blood pressure checked.

                Sweeny had the most participation, 44%

                AHA funds raised $2,200 thru t-shirt sales and the website

                Price Elementary offers TORCH class and Body for Life for all staff

                RMS does circuits every Wednesday for any employee to attend

    February 2017 

             February is “Heart Health” month – kick off on February 3rd across the district for “Go Red Day”             #RepMoHasHeart

             Dr. Pearce’s challenge to all employees 2 week (14 day) challenge, 30 minutes of exercise

             Employee Wellness thru Cox – will begin to enroll employees in March for upcoming spring HRA’s.

    January 2017 

             Working with Cox Wellness to start a holiday maintenance challenge.

             CPR/1st Aid Classes completed with a select group of high school students.  See KY3 story

             February is “Heart Health” month

                AHA t-shirt will be received with any donation of $10 or more made to the AHA.  Any staff or board member can donate.  Deadline is Jan. 11th.

                The employee heart health challenge will coincide with the student’s Jump Rope for Hearts and Hoop for Hearts activities across the district. 

                Kick off with the “Go Red” Campaign is February 3rd.  

    December 2016 

             Working with Cox Wellness to start a holiday maintenance challenge.

             CPR/1st Aid Classes completed for transportation.

             Working with the American Heart Association to help promote heart health month in February.  The employee heart health challenge will coincide with the student’s Jump Rope for Hearts and Hoop for Hearts activities across the district.  The events will kick off with the “Go Red” Campaign on February 3rd.  If a board member would like to purchase a red AHA t-shirt for the upcoming campaign, please email Nurse Botkin.

    November 2016 

             Employee flu shot clinic totals - 233

             Student flu shot clinics  totals – 454

             Transportation Department – CPR and 1st Aid Classes November 2, 3, 9, 10 and 18th.

    October 2016 

             Employee flu shot clinic will be held on October 12th and 13th.

             Student flu shot clinics will be held on October 25th and 27th.   We are partnering with Jordan Valley Trudi’s Kids (mobile unit) in order for all students to be eligible at no cost.

             Formal recommendation from the school health services staff to eliminate food based rewards and request alternate "party" snacks to fall more in line with healthier snacks.
             AED Program


                      There are thirteen AED’s district-wide as of this month.  Athletic Director, Greg Garton added 3 to be housed in the athletic field houses.  We currently have one in each student occupied building, one with the athletic trainer, one extra in the high school health office and the 3 news ones.

                      Please see Nurse Botkin (AED Program Coordinator) for any questions regarding the district AED policy and procedure.

    September 2016 

                 CPR/1st aid class for Tiger Stripe’s employees is scheduled September 10th.

                 Employee flu shots clinic will be held the 1st of October.


                Planning health risk appraisals for all employees.  This is a voluntary wellness activity that employees can get their cholesterol levels, blood pressure, height, weight, hip circumference, and BMI as well as other basic blood work to get an overall look at their state of health and make positive healthy changes accordingly.


     August 2016

    Employee flu shot clinic will be held the 1st of October