Allergy Prevention Program

  • The 3 A's of Allergy Prevention

    Awareness - Aware of the allergy
    Avoidance - Avoid the allergen (key to treatment is to avoid the allergen all together)
    Act - Our school employees are educated annually on recognizing the signs & symptoms of life-threatening allergies.  The employees are also educated on how to respond with appropriate treatment such as an EpiPen.
    Epinephrine auto-injectors are available in all student-occupied buildings during the school day for any student or adult that might experience a life-threatening allergic reaction.  If your child requires an epinephrine auto-injector as a part of their allergy treatment plan, please provide your child's prescribed auto-injector with an emergency action plan to the building nurse.

    Dear Republic School District Parent or Guardian,

    The possibility of severe allergic reactions to some foods, products containing latex, or other products containing allergens is now a well-documented and proven medical fact.  As many of you already know, some students can have a life-threatening response to touching or inhaling an item containing latex, touching, inhaling or eating some foods, or touching or inhaling other products containing allergens.  Prevention of exposure to these allergens is the key to safety.  For this reason, many schools are no longer allowing some foods, latex products, or other products containing allergens in public school spaces where students are present.

     A student or a number of students who may have contact with your child have been identified as having potentially life-threatening reactions to the following allergens:

    Our district believes the correct way forward is through a preventative and educational process.  Therefore, we are asking parents/guardians to:


    ·         Cooperate to help us provide a safe and healthy environment for every child in school;

    ·         Avoid sending any product or food containing the above-mentioned allergen to school;

    ·         Check all labels for hidden substances or ingredients, especially on snacks such as granola bars;

    ·         Instruct your child not to share food or food utensils and to wash hands regularly.


    We will continue to allow students to bring any food products containing the above-mentioned allergen for their lunch as long as they contain them and do not open those products until the student is seated in the cafeteria. 

    Our district pledges to continue to reinforce aspects of personal hygiene with regular washing of hands before and after lunchtimes or any other time food is consumed.  We will continue to emphasize to students that good social relation skills include the need to protect others from the danger that may be outside of their control. 


    Thank you very much for your assistance.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.  (Republic RIII School Policy S-145-P)



    Natalie Botkin, BSN, RN, NCSN

    Health Services & Wellness Coordinator

Allergy letter under revision

Allergy Prevention Brochure

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