Legally Blonde: The Musical

Cast List for Legally Blonde

  • For those on the list need to report to Room 132 on Thursday, September 9th for our first cast meeting and read-through rehearsal.




    Bring with you a 3 ring binder, loose paper in the binder and something to write with.


    Thank you, for all who auditioned. Remember that it is nothing  personal, We were looking for specific people for these cast parts and please do not let this keep you from auditioning again.  You may not have been right for this show but you could be great for another production.  This was a VERY difficult process, there were a lot of great auditions.  You made it tough for us to choose.  Please DO try out again!!

    ** NOTE **

    The Directors will not answer any questions regarding why someone did or did not get cast (or get the part they wanted). Part of being professional is not crying to the directors about why you did not get cast.


    CAST LIST FOR "Legally Blonde: The Musical"

    Elle Woods –Kloey Monthei

    Emmett Forrest – Kaden Sumter

    Paulette Buonufonte – Krystiahna Goode

    Professor Callahan – Noah Coppedge

    Warner Huntington III – Jeremiah Dixon

    Vivienne Kensington – Lillian Krudwig

    Brooke Wyndham – Rebecca Roe

    Enid Hoopes – Ella Peters

    Kyle B. O'Boyle – Jeremy Copeland

    Dewey – Justin Jones

    Carlos – Josiah Bojonowski

    Nikos – TBA

    Aaron – Payton Clark

    Sundeep – Amarri Morrison

    Elle's Dad – Mr. David Norman

    Elle's Mom – Mrs. Brittany Bowser

    Greek Chorus

    Serena – Emmalee Schooley

    Margot – Kalice Perrodin

    Pilar – Brooklyn Eiserer

    Kate – Maddie Miller

    Leilani – Julia Hoge



    Christian Ard

    Honor Ashley

    Chance Barber

    Josh Bean

    Cayden Berning

    Josiah Bojonowski

    Allison Byrne

    Bryiar Callaway

    Payton Clark

    James C. Coatney

    Josie Coppedge

    Olivia Cox

    Sarah Cox

    Emelia Cunningham

    Reese Davidson

    Macy Decker

    Devin Donohue

    Brooklynn Hanley

    Dedra Hughes

    Claire Johnson

    Justin Jones

    Cameron Kays

    Abby Lankford

    Alexa Malone

    Joseph Martin

    Ty Moore

    Amarri Morrison

    Joseph Mountain

    Brock Nowlin

    Braxton Steele

    Ivy Vermule

    Cambria Wadholm

    Halli Webb

    Jake White

    Riley Willis


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