The Wizard of Oz

Cast List for "The Wizard of Oz"

  • For those on the list need to report to Room 132 on Friday, September 7th for our first cast meeting and read-through rehearsal.




    Bring with you a 3 ring binder, loose paper in the binder and something to write with.


    Thank you, for all who auditioned. Remember that it is nothing  personal, We were looking for specific people for these cast parts and  please do not let this keep you from auditioning again.  You may not have been right for this show but you could be great for another production.  This was a very difficult process, there were a lot of great auditions.  You made it tough for us to choose.  Please do try out again!!


    ** NOTE **


    The Directors will not answer any questions regarding why someone did or did not get cast (or get the part they wanted). Part of being professional is not crying to the directors about why you did not get cast.





    Dorothy – Elena Hunter

    Glinda The Good Witch of the North – Katelynn Bell

    Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gultch – Megan Sly

    Aunt Em – Ariana Givens

    Uncle Henry – Jarrett Long

    Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel – Malachi Gorman

    Lion/Zeke – Max Wood

    Tin Man/Hickory – Steven Brymer

    Scarecrow/Hunk – Tristan Brown

    Oz Guard at the Gate – Noah Kellett

    Toto – Millie


    Carli Allen

    Kira Allen

    Olivia Cox

    Reese Davidson

    Emily Fogu

    Mattison Garbee

    Megan Garbee

    Cody Guinn

    Bailey Hawkins

    Owen Hoge

    Miles Howell

    Gracie Jones

    Phoenix Lietch

    Joseph Martin

    Payden Mendez

    Ravin Paterson

    Mykayla Shank

    Brayden Stolp

    Jacob White

    Halli Webb



    Olivia Cox

    Mattison Garbee

    Gracie Jones

    Ravin Paterson




    Choral Voice Singers

    Carli Allen

    Kira Allen

    Ariana Givens

    Gracie Jones

    Ravin Paterson



    Allyson Glenn








  • "Teaching Character through Performance"