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    Will my child's school give the first dose of a new medication?

    No, a parent/guardian will need to give the first dose a new medication.  The only time a new medication might be given by the nurse or school designee is in the event of a life-threatening emergency situation (such as epinephrine, albuterol, Diastat)


    Can my child carry his/her own routine daily medications?

    No, a parent/guardian must provide to the health office the medication in it's original container and sign the appropriate paperwork for administration.  Exceptions would be diabetic supplies or emergency medications such as epinephrine or albuterol inhaler.  

    Can my child carry his/her diabetic supplies or emergency medication?

    Yes but these medications must be approved with the child's physician, school nurse, and parent/guardian.  Appropriate paperwork must be on file in order for a student to self-administer medication.  An emergency action plan will need to be provided by the student's physician.

    Can the chiropractor prescribe medications, over-the-counter or other treatments for my child?

    No, chiropractors do not have prescriptive authority.  Please refer to the State of Missouri licensing regulations. 

    Can I bring my child's medication in a baggy?

    No, all medication (OTC or prescribed) must come in it's original container with clear labeling and not expired. 

    Can the school give my child an alternative, herbal remedy, or essential oils at my request?

    No, the school does not administer these items that are not a part of the IEP, 504 plan, or a part of a student's treatment plan for a chronic medical condition.  In this scenario, the child's MD or DO would be required to provide medical direction on the alternative product, with potential side effects, appropriate dosing, and onset of action.
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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.