The ATLAS Awards were created at the end of the 2018-2019 school year to honor the outstanding work of members of The Tiger Theatre at Republic High School. ATLAS stands for Acting, Technical, Leadership and Service, all benchmarks to becoming successful both in theatre and life.  These awards are nominated by the students in the ITS Troupe 7139. The winners are chosen by the department faculty members. ATLAS recipients have also shown not only their ability as a performer but also embody the true motto of The Tiger Theatre “Character through Performance.” The awards are presented yearly in a formal ceremony. Please check out last years winners and winners of years past.

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  • Current ATLAS Winners

    Best Lead Performance

    • Elena Hunter - Dorothy - Wizard of Oz

    Best Supporting Performance

    • Megan Sly - Wicked Witch - Wizard of Oz

    Best Chorus Dancer

    • Mattison Garbee - Wizard of Oz

    Best Vocal Performance

    • Steven Brymer - If I Only Had A Heart - Wizard of Oz

    Most Improved Actor/Actress

    • Tristan Brown
    • Jarrett Long

    Best Cameo Performance

    • Noah Brous - Banjo - The Man Who Came to Dinner

    Newbee Actor/Actress

    • Sarah Lawrence

    Cover Award

    • Max Wood - No Toto - The Wizard of Oz

    Technician of the Year

    • Ethan Piles

    Crew Leader of the Year

    • Bethany Overturf

    Best Production Crew

    • Aurora Haile - Properties - The Man Who Came to Dinner

    Best Technician in a Special Field

    • Gracie Jones - Music Composition - The Man Who Came to Dinner

    Best Run Crew

    • Corrine Allen - Make-up - The Wizard of Oz
    • Megan Trice - Make-up - The Wizard of Oz

    Most Improved Technician

    • Aurora Haile

    Newbee Technician

    • Spenser Waller

    The Phillips Award (Named for long-time Republic Music Teacher Kathy Phillips)

    • Mykayla Shank

    ATLAS Award

    • Megan Sly


  • "Teaching Character through Performance"