One Fine Night 2020

One Fine Night
  • Cover Art By Graci Coleman



    Welcome to the host site for this years virtual celebration of the Fine Art at Republic School District.  Below are links for small video celebrations for both Middle School and High School Arts Programs.  Please take a few minutes to celebrate our talented fine arts students.


    One Fine Night Link:


    One Fine Night Main Presentation


    2020 Art Portfolio Student Individual Celebrations:


    Lyle Chafa

    Olivia Nunley

    Britney Spangenberg

    Abby Villars


    The Central Ozark Conference  (COC) Art Show was held on May 8, 2020 and below are the Ribbon winners for Republic High School.  Feel free to click on the links below to see the COC show and Our Tiger winners.


    1st Place- Acrylic Painting: Braylea Ewing (12th)
    2nd Place- Watercolor Painting: Britney Spangenberg (12th)
    Honorable Mention- Watercolor Painting: Miriam Nai (11th)
    3rd Place- Ink Drawing: Tiara Pengilly (12th)
    Honorable Mention- Graphite Drawing: Abigail Villars (12th)
    Honorable Mention-  Charcoal Drawing: Olivia Nunley (12th)
    3rd Place- Digital Art/Graphic Design: Avery Kirby (12th)
    Honorable Mention- Digital Art/Graphic Design: Journee Reigel (12th)
    1st Place- Textile Design/Jewelry: Baylee Johnson (11th)
    2nd Place- Textile Design/Jewelry: Morgan Keith (11th)
    3rd Place- Textile Design/Jewelry: Tiara Pengilly (12th)
    1st Place- Photography/Color: Savannah Koster (12th)
    3rd Place- Photography/Color: Lyle Chafa (12th)
    Honorable Mention- Photography/Color: Avery Kirby (12th)
    Honorable Mention- Photography/Black & White: Abigail Villars (12th)
    1st Place- Photography/Digitally Manipulated: Cole Zink (10th)
    Honorable Mention-  Photography/Digitally Manipulated: Cooper Carter (12th)
    2nd Place- Miscellaneous: Tiara Pengilly (12th)
    3rd Place- MIscellaneous: Lyle Chafa (12th)
    3rd Place- Scratchboard: Tyler Doughtery (12th)
    Congratulations to all students
    Tiger Pride Band Awards Link:
    The Tiger Theatre Honors 2020:
    Honor Troupe 7139 - Missouri State Thespians
    MSHSAA District Chamipons One Act Play "Of Mice & Men"OAP District Trophy
    All District Cast Members:
    Tristan Brown - George
    Jarrett Long - Lenny
    Kaden Sumter - Candy
    James C. Coatney - Carlson
    Readers Theatre All District Cast
    Evelyn Tippie
    RHS Choir Honors:
    State Honor Choir Members
    Ariana Givens - Soprano
    Kira Allen - Alternate
    9/10 District Honor Choir
    Christian Ard
    Carter Bolin
    Sarah Cox
    Marissa Israel
    Joseph Martin
    Kloey Monthei
    Joseph Mountain
    MaIE Stall
    Brayden Stolp
    Halli Webb
    11/12 District Honor Choir
    Carli Allen
    Kira Allen
    Tristan Brown
    Andrea Dryden
    Ariana Givens
    Cody Guinn
    Owen Hoge
    Jarrett Long
    Madylon McCrea
    Josiah Monthei
    Tristin Phelps
    Rigdn Sandul
    MSU Honor Choir
    Phoenix Leech
    Jake White
    Austin Lewis
    Kaden Thomas
    Heather Anderson
    Ariana Givens
    Andrea Dryden