Wellness Committee Logo
  • Purpose


    The Republic Schools Wellness Committee meets quarterly to assess the school health environment, programs, and policies in place and to identify ways to strengthen these to improve the health of students and staff.

  • Mission


    To foster a culture of wellness that supports and encourages a positive work-life balance.

  • Vision


    To inspire positive lifestyle choices that support the overall wellbeing of students and staff to meet emotional, social, physical, and nutritional needs. 

  • Collective Commitments

    • Be professional, punctual, respectful, encouraging, cooperative, and supportive.
    • Celebrate students and each other.

    • Resolve issues and move on.

    • Be positive.

    • Be dedicated to whatever it takes.

    • Build relationships with students, staff, families, and community members.


  • Committee Members


    Nancy Leonard - Wellness Committee Chair

    Todd Wojciechowski - School Board Member

    Natalie Botkin, BSN, RN - Health Services Coordinator

    Carrie Vasquez - Director of Food Services

    Josey McPhail - Director of Engagement & Community Relations

    Susan Graves, MD - Family Medicine Practitioner

    Amanda Delahay Dinsmore, MD - Physician and Parent

    Amy Searson, BSN, RN - Price Wellness Champion/Nurse

    Kristen Crouch - Schofield Wellness Champion

    Michelle Rush - Schofield Wellness Champion

    Emily Blankenship - Schofield Wellness Champion

    Ashley Harting - Middle School Wellness Champion

    Leslie Blanco - Jordan Valley Community Health Worker

    Josh Schmitt - PE Teacher

    Kris Facklam - Early Childhood Wellness Champion

    Allison Thomas - Lyon Elementary Wellness Champion

    Kendra Lynch - McCulloch Wellness Champion

    Lee Dishman - Price Elementary Wellness Champion

    Char-Marie Jennings - Schofield Wellness Champion

    Madison McCanless - Sweeny Wellness Champion

    Kari Willis - High School Wellness Champion


    Our community is invited to participate and provide input at wellness committee meetings. Quarterly meeting information may be found on the wellness calendar.