District Administration and Board of Education
    The Board of Education meets monthly on the third Thursday with the exception of March. Due to Spring Break the March meeting took place on Monday, March 21, 2022. Meetings take place at the district's Central Office (518 North Hampton). Open session begins at approximately 7:00 p.m. Please review the "Public Participation in Board Meetings" page for information about publicly addressing the Board of Education. 

    The Board of Education is composed of seven community elected officials who serve three year terms. Those individuals and associated roles are listed below. Each name links to a personal bio of the Board of Education member.

    Board of Education Collective Commitments


    • We will continually work to develop strong communication, trust and a positive working relationship.
    • We will ensure what one Board member wants to know, all Board members know.
    • We will approve and be committed to a comprehensive communication plan that includes internal and external stakeholder communication.

    Board Roles and Responsibilities

    • We will respect confidential information as confidential and hold each other accountable.
    • We will keep Board business to:
      • Board Policies
      • The Governance (CSIP/Strategic) Plan
      • Other Legal Requirements
      • Evaluation of the Superintendent

    Professional and Ethical Behavior

    • We will make all decisions in the best interests of students


    • We will advocate for the Republic School District and public education, not for individuals or special interest groups.
    • We will advocate as a School Board, not as individual Board members



    Goals for Board of Education

    • The Republic Board of Education will utilize the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) to assist in decision-making and focus of the District.
    • The Republic Board of Education will connect with the students, staff, and patrons through school and community events.
    • The Republic Board of Education will strive to earn the Governance Award recognition from MSBA on an annual basis.


    Goals for District

    • Keep academic focus and strive for improvement where identified.
    • Maintain growth of unrestricted financial reserves to strive for a 25% goal.
    • Strive for 94% retention rate of certified staff (excluding retirements).


    CSIP Goals

    • Academic Success
    • Leadership
    • Culture
    Contacting the Board of Education

    The Republic School Board believes in solving any concern at the lowest possible level. If you have a concern that has not been resolved at the building or district level or if you have an inquiry of the Board of Education, please write or call:


    Sheryl Blankenship

    Secretary to the Republic School District Board of Education



    Address to:

    Board Members Name

    ℅ Sheryl Blankenship, Secretary to the Board

    518 North Hampton Ave, Republic, MO 65738