Standards Based Grading Information

    The traditional letter grading system (A, B, C, etc.) gives us a general, summarized view of a student’s understanding and performance in the classroom. These traditional letter grades are universal and they provide a global look at how well a student is doing in each subject. BUT, DON’T WE WANT MORE INFORMATION? That is where Standards Based Grading comes in!


    Standards Based Grading is a best practice grading and reporting system that gives students, parents and teachers detailed information about how each individual student is performing on specific learning goals (or standards). Instead of an overall A, B, C, etc., students now receive an “advanced”, “met”, “approaching”, or “not met” on each individual learning goal (or standard). These new grades give students, parents and teachers the opportunity to specifically identify where the child is excelling and where they need extra assistance.


    Overall, Standards Based Grading helps...

    ...teachers isolate each learning goal (or standard) in order to meet all students at their individual levels of understanding. By doing this, the teachers are able to both fill in gaps in learning and push students who have already met the standard to an even higher level of learning.


    ...students identify which learning goals (or standards) they have met and which standards they need extra help in order to meet. This empowers students to “own” their learning experience.


    ...parents know exactly which areas they can help their child with at home so that they can assist their child in meeting his/her learning goals. This empowers meaningful conversations between parents and teachers as well. It helps everyone be on the “same page” when it comes to each student’s learning.

    This video will answer the "WHY" behind Standards Based Grading, and will also share an example of a SBG grade card and directions on how to read it.
  • Overview of Standards Based Grading

    After piloting Standards Based Grading in approximately 71% of our elementary classrooms for two school years, Republic School District implemented Standards Based Grading for Kindergarten through 5th grade in 2016.


    The traditional grading system (A, B, C, etc) is used at the Republic Middle School and Republic High School.  


    How did Standards Based Grading start in Republic?

    Since 2012, Republic has developed the groundwork necessary to effectively roll out Standards Based Grading. The first two years were spent developing a plan, writing proposals, forming Curriculum Development Committees, and writing units of instruction and assessments to support our teachers. Then in the two years following, approximately 71% of our elementary classrooms piloted Standards Based Grading. During that process, feedback was gathered from teachers, students and parents in these classrooms to help us design an efficient, easy to understand grading and reporting system for our Republic families.


    Our findings indicated that the majority of families and teachers who participated in these pilot classrooms were pleased with the additional information and feedback that Standards Based Grading provided in comparison to a traditional grading system.

    What does the grade card look like for my student(s)?

    The following table is a key that describes the four grades that students can be given for each individual standard on the progress report and grade card.
    NM or Not Met: The student is having a hard time with even the basic parts of the standard. 
    AP or Approaching: The student is starting to meet, and sometimes even does meet the standard, but still needs more practice so that he/she gets every piece of the standard every  time.
    M or Met: The student understands the entire standard and can show it all of the time.
    AV or Advanced:  The student can apply the standard to a new situation in a more complex way.


    Click on the link below to see grade level examples of the grade card.      

    Standards-Based Grade Card Examples


    Who do I ask if I have questions?

    Your child’s teacher will be able to assist you with any questions you might have about Standards Based Grading. In addition, you are welcome to contact the district’s Director of Elementary Learning, Mrs. Christy Coursey at christy.coursey@republicschools.org or by calling 417.732.3605.


    Our hope for Standards Based Grading

    By utilizing Standards Based Grading in Kindergarten through 5th grade our goal is to continue providing an environment that creates meaningful, intentional conversations between students, teachers and parents regarding each student’s learning goals. We feel that Standards Based Grading is a great avenue to help each student set and achieve individual learning goals with the help of their parents and teachers.