• Thank you to the Republic School District community for supporting our schools by passing the no tax levy increase bond issue for a new, all-weather activity facility on the campus of Republic High School! This page will remain available to provide continued information regarding the bond issue. To see updates regarding the construction process of the activity facility visit republicschools.org/constructionupdates.


    It is important to note that the tax-levy will not change from its current rate of $4.36. 
    WHY is now a good time to address this need and HOW is Republic School District addressing facility issues that have already been identified?


    The latest demographic study conducted by Business Information Services in April 2016 indicates that Republic will see approximately 12% growth over the next 10 years. This is an average growth of 1.2% per year. Since the release of this study, we have seen these projections to be true, thus far. In looking at our school building capacity in relation to this study, it is projected that we have plenty of room to grow and keep class sizes at or below the recommended DESE standard for the next 10 years.
    Republic School District remains dedicated to providing our students and community with facilities to promote excellence. Current projects on the facility improvement plan include:
    • A district roofing maintenance plan. This includes installing a new roof for Schofield Elementary starting this spring.
    • Securing grants to build a new FEMA safe room at Schofield Elementary to double as a gym for that building as well as an F5 tornado safe room for Schofield, McCulloch and Lyon elementaries.
    WHY do we need this new activity facility?
    We have outgrown the current facility.
    Our current facility, located on the Republic Middle School campus (5 miles from RHS) was completed in the year 2000. At that time our student population was just over 3000 students. We’ve now grown to nearly 5000 students. Attendance at events exceeds seating availability which means high congestion and lack of facilities. 
    We want to provide competitive facilities in which our community can be proud.
    Republic School District is currently the only COC school that does not have a facility of this nature to meet student and community needs on its high school campus. A new activity facility would allow Republic to be able to host MSHSAA events. 
    It addresses the fiscal responsibility and safety regarding Price Elementary Field.
    Our 7th & 8th grade football teams play games on Price Elementary Field which is in dire need of structural and electrical renovations. A new activity facility at RHS would eliminate the need to renovate this field as games would be moved to the facility at RMS.
    The all-weather turf provides limitless access for students.  
    Classrooms, student groups, JROTC, band and athletic teams have a need to use an activity facility daily. A new facility would provide limitless access to these groups of students as it will be artificial turf.
    WHAT features would the new activity facility offer?
    • Artificial Turf for All-Weather Activities
    • Located on RHS campus (Currently on RMS campus 5 miles away.)
    • 4000 Seats (2000 more than current)
    • 738 Parking Spaces (400 more than current)
    • Field markings for Football, Band and Soccer
    • Automatic Timing for Track
    • 2 Concession Stands with Storage
    • Reserved Seating for Band
    • Double Amount of Restroom Facilities
    • Double Size of Current Press Box
    • 4 Ticket Booths (2 currently)
    • Covered Vendor Area
    • Improved ADA Accessibility
    • Expanded Field House with Storage & Meeting Room Space
    HOW much is the activity facility estimated to cost and HOW do we pay for it?
    The estimated budget for the project, which includes inflationary costs, is $8.6 million. $5 million of this total will come from the no tax levy increase bond that will be voted on in April. The remaining $3.6 million will come from current district capital projects funds. Keep in mind, funds within capital projects cannot be used for supplies or employee salaries  per state requirements. 
    HOW does a no tax levy increase bond work?
    The district is able to place this issue on the ballot without asking for a levy increase due to the fact the Board of Education has refinanced existing issues to lower interest rates and lower payments creating a cash flow window that will pay for the proposed bond issue.  Also, the assessed valuation of the district has grown at a pace that is greater than our projections on the last issue.
    If this project is approved, WHAT will our bonding capacity be once the activity facility is completed?
    The district will have approximately $10,800,000 of bonding capacity available if the proposed bond issue is approved.  This number will grow each year as we pay bonds off and our assessed valuation grows. 
    If approved on April 4, WHEN will the activity facility be complete?
    The estimated completion date of a new activity facility on the campus of Republic High School would be the fall of 2018, if approved on April 4.  
    WHO can vote on this no tax levy increase bond issue on April 4, 2017? WHAT majority is required for it to pass?
    Any patron living in the Republic School District will have the opportunity to vote on this no tax levy increase bond issue on April 4, 2017.  To pass, a four-sevenths majority is required (57.14%). 
    WHAT is the official ballot language for the proposed no tax levy increase bond issue?
    Shall Greene County Reorganized School District No. 3 (Republic) issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $5,000,000 for the purpose of constructing, furnishing and equipping an activities facility, resulting in no estimated increase to the debt service tax levy?
    If this proposition is approved, the District's debt service levy is estimated to remain unchanged at $0.9400 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real personal property.