• Mission Statement

    "Preparing Each Student For A Successful Future"

    Republic High School Goals
    In accordance with our district philosophy, Republic High School will:
    1. Provide a motivated learning environment to promote good study techniques, self-direction, creativity, rational thinking, and self-esteem.
    2. Consider the varying abilities and interests of its students and provide the educational opportunities to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills for all students equipping them to attain their maximum potential in post-high school pursuits.
    3. Provide a program of education that will allow our students to successfully compete with students from other quality schools to higher education and job opportunities.
    4. Provide for the development of communicative skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    5. Provide students with information and skills necessary to assess career and job selection.
    6. Provide opportunity for developing social skills and positive interpersonal relationships in our ever-changing society.
    7. Provide opportunities to establish a set of personal values along with obtaining knowledge, developing a sense of respect, learning cooperation, and developing an appreciation for individual differences within the school environment.
    8. Help students attain and maintain a balance between good mental and physical health by providing activities, as well as educational information, to encourage the forming of positive character traits.
    9. Provide sufficient activities that will encourage the cultivation of student interests and abilities with a goal of overall personal development that will continue throughout life.
    10. Work to be a good steward of the resources entrusted to it, considering both the wise stewardship of fiscal matters, as well as recognizing that the children of the community are, in fact, its primary resource.
    11. Present a positive image of the community as a whole; instilling it its students concepts of citizenship, realizing the school is often viewed as a representative for the entire community.
    12. Be committed to communicating openly with students, parents, and the community as a whole and strive to incorporate appropriate input received into the evolving program.
    13. Encourage the full development of professionalism within these individuals will result in the betterment of the educational process.
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