• To Report Your Student Absent

    Call: 417-732-3650
    Follow the voicemail prompts to leave a message for the Attendance Secretary.

    Or you can e-mail the Attendance Secretary at:

    When Your Student Needs to Leave School
    All students must sign out in the office or be signed out by a parent or guardian when leaving campus during the school day. The school must have permission from a parent or guardian prior to a student leaving school for any reason. Students who are sick are required to contact the nurse, and she will contact a parent or guardian. Any student leaving school without permission and/or signing out will be considered truant. 
    When a Doctor's Note is Needed
    If your student is absent, he or she should come back to school with a note from a parent or guardian or, if applicable, a note from the doctor. A doctor's note is especially important if your student is participating in or going to participate in the A+ program. Any absence accompanied by a doctor's note, will not count against your student's attendance when calculating missed days for the A+ program.