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    What you need to play:

    -Racket (can borrow one at first if necessary)

    -Athletic clothes (including shorts with pockets and sweat pants with pockets)

    -Tennis shoes (can use running shoes at first, but need to find tennis shoes.. Running shoes aren't made for side-by-side movement)

    -Completed/turned in physical from this year or last school year

    -Complete/turn in the RHS athletics pre-participation form (if you played another sport this school year- you have it done). This must be done every year. 



    First practice for the spring 2020 boys tennis season is March 2nd- 3pm at RHS tennis courts. If rain or cold weather (generally under 40 degrees is considered cold for us), we may be inside. Check my door (Coach V- Room 332) or Coach Smashey's if we are inside. On inside days, we will usually meet at Room 326 (Coach Smashey's). We will do open courts prior to then in mid/late November and then back up again in February. We will post signs around school to update everyone. 


    In order to practice- If you have not turned in a physical this year or last year (2018-2019). See link: Physical Link. Also, in order to practice, ALL players must turn in a pre-participation form during the 2019-2020 school year. See Link:Pre-Participation Form Link. Bring all needed paperwork to the first practice (unless already turned in previously).


    Bring a racquet, athletic clothes, and tennis shoes.  When purchasing shoes, make sure they are tennis shoes- best choice to find them is online: Amazon, Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Express, etc... If on Amazon, just make sure they are tennis shoes- for tennis- and not listed as tennis shoes in the generic sense for just regular shoes.  When buying a racquet, the recommended price range for new to intermediate players is approximately $50-99 (available at Academy and online). A $20 racquet would be ok at first for a brand new player, but players will typically outgrow it in skill after a few weeks. 


    No prior experience is needed to play. If you have a good attitude/some athletic ability, we can teach you the fundamentals needed to be a good player. While athletic ability varies, it is mandatory that you have a positive work ethic/attitude. We are generally a no-cut program.


    NOTE for Spring 2021- Due to record-breaking turnout, there is a possibility in the future we will make some cuts. If we do implement a cut in the future, it will be based upon the following factors (all current players will be put on notice of this policy for next year):

    1) Projected start rank relative to class. All seniors should project to be at least in top 12. All juniors should project to be in the top 20. Sophomores (outside top 20) should be projected to be ranked 5 spots higher than the previous season (or are new). All freshman meet this standard. Projection of rank (for returning players) will be determined by up river/down games and/or round-robin mini-matches during tryouts. 

    2) Participation in RHS off-season/summer programs/camps/or outside lessons prior to the season OR is a new player for this season.

    3) Boys Athleticism test: 5 laps around tennis courts [roughly equates to a mile] -min time of 8:45 minutes & Line sprints- Touch every line on 2 courts and back to the sideline of the first court (skip middle service line on each court) under 1 minute. 

    For players not reaching 2 of 3 of these factors will subject the player to cut policy. Additionally, any player may potentially be dismissed if issues with attitude/effort/school discipline or grade issues. 



    We will cut a player if he does not exhibit consistent effort during practice and/or is disruptive to team activities/morale. We will also monitor grades of players and potentially sit players if they need to focus more attention on school. Also, all players must be enrolled in at least 3 credits to participate (partial homeschool can possibly be ok- check with the AD). We will practice every day after school and some Saturdays. Typically, we play 3-4 times per week- once the match play season starts. 


    Let a coach know if you have any questions. Email: dan.vales@republicschools.org  Thank you, 











































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