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  • Department Overview
    The Republic School Food Service Department is committed to serving healthy, nutritious breakfasts and lunches to our students and faculty.  The department's 30 plus full and part-time staff serve over 900 breakfasts and 2,500 lunches each school day.
The School Day Just Got Healthier



    dollar Reminder:  Meals must be prepaid the last month of school

    * There are 21 days of school in April and 15 days of school in May.
    * A complimentary PBJ + Milk for lunch & Toast + Milk for breakfast is
      available for students without money or a packed lunch.
    * Does not apply to students on Free Meal Benefits.
    * Meal balances carry into the following school year.
    * Graduating seniors receive a refund at graduation if under $10.
      Balances $10
    & over are issued a check which is mailed after June's
      Board meeting.


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    All Kids 18 & Under Eat Free May 29 - June 22, Weekdays at Elementary and Middle School Campus
    All Kids 18 & Under Eat Free May 29 - June 21, Weekdays at High School Campus
    Breakfast & Lunch available at the following campuses:
    • Price Elementary, 518 N. Hampton
    • Lyon Elementary, 201 E. Highway 174
    • Middle School, #1 Tiger Drive
    • High School, 4370 S. RepMo Drive


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  • Free & Reduced Meal Benefits

    Students in our district who qualified for meal benefits at the end of last school year may use those same benefits for the first 30 days of this school year or until a new application is processed, whichever comes first.  All information is strictly confidential and confined to only those who need to know.  All students, regardless of meal status, go through the meal lines the same way and have access to the same meals.


    Students qualifying for free meals may get one breakfast and one lunch at no charge each school day.  Students qualifying for reduced meals may get one breakfast at no charge and one lunch for only $.40 each school day.  Additional items or extra milk or extra juice is regular price for everyone.


    A current meal application may be completed any time during the school year. If your family did not qualify at the beginning of school and income drops or household size increases, please complete a current application as you may now qualify.  Example:  decreased work hours such as layoffs, birth of another child, or other people move in with you.


    During the first two weeks of school applications may take up to 10 days after receipt to process.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions or need assistance completing an application, please contact the Food Service Office at 735-3753 or ruth.melvin@republicschools.org or carrie.vasquez@republicschools.org.


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  • Food Safety Tips After A Flood




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