Republic High School Math Department

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  • Math Department Overview

    The Republic Math Department is dedicated to developing knowledgeable and persistent learners and risk-takers that utilize skills and tech appropriately to address real world problems and situations while fostering social growth and awareness. 

    Teacher Information





    Kim Adkins              417-732-3650 ext. 5126

    • Foundations of Algebra Concepts

    Christie Bishop
    417-732-3650 ext. 5163

    • Algebra 2

    Michelle Coughlin
    417-732-3650 ext. 5189

    • Geometry Honors
    • Statistics

    Camry Cowan
    417-732-3650 ext. 5182

    • Algebra 2
    • AP Calculus
    • College Algebra

    Kaley Evans
    417-732-3650 ext. 5171

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 1A

    Alexandra Gallion
    417-732-3650 ext. 5305

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 1A

    Kylie Hay
    417-732-3650 ext. 5122
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 1 Concepts

    Penny Kreul- Department Chair
    417-732-3650 ext. 5170

    • ACT/College Prep
    • Algebra 1B
    • Algebra 2 Honors

    Miranda Pitts
    417-732-3650 ext. 5169
    • Geometry

    Amanda Plotner
    417-732-3650 ext. 5304

    • Algebra 2
    • Algebra 2 Honors

    Ashley Shelton
    417-732-3650 ext. 5323

    • Geometry
    • Geometry Honors

    Andrea Sorrell
    417-732-3650 ext. 5152

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 1A

    Dan Vales                  417-732-3650 ext. 5161

    • Algebra 2 Concepts
    • Geometry
    • Geometry Concepts
  • Specific Course Information

    Graduation Requirements: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II are all required credits for graduation.




    Algebra IB- Successful completion of Algebra IA



    Algebra I- Passing grade in 8th grade math or in Foundations of Algebra, if taken in the 9th grade.


    Geometry- D or higher in Algebra I.  May be taken concurrently with Algebra II Honors.


    Geometry (H)- B or higer in Algebra I, advanced or proficient on the Algebra I EOC, and teacher recommendation.  May be taken concurrently iwth Algebra II Honors.


    Algebra II- Algebra I and Geometry or Geometry Honors.


    Algebra II (H)- B or higher in Algebra I, advanced or proficient on the Algebra I EOC, and teacher recommendation.  May not take concurrently with Geometry.


    Trig/Pre-Calculus (H)- This course is available to juniors and seniors only.  Students must have a C or higher in Algebra II Honors or a B or higher in Algebra II.


    AP Calculus (H)- C average in Trig/Pre-Calculus.