Republic High School Social Studies Department

Social Studies Department
  • Social Studies Department Overview

    The Social Studies program is constituted as an interdisciplinary curriculum, drawing on all of the social sciences. It seeks to establish understandings of U.S. institutions and world cultures (past and present) that will enhance personal citizenship and at the same time widen the students’ appreciation of a global society. 

    Teacher Information





    David Ashby
    417-732-3650 ext. 5132

    • American History
    • World History

    Corey Davis 417-732-3650 ext. 5150

    • American History

    Eric Hanson
    417-732-3650 ext. 5165

    • American Government
    • AP Government

    Cindy Mais
    417-732-3650 ext. 5140

    • Ancient History Honors
    • Psychology
    • Psyschology Honors
    • Sociology
    • World History Honors

    Tyler McNealy
    417-732-3650 ext. 5293

    • American Government
    • American History

    Richard Miles
    417-732-3650 ext. 5144

    • American Government
    • World History

    Brandon Nelson - Department Chair
    417-732-3650 ext. 5166
    • American Government
    • American History Honors

    Ryan Westmoreland
    417-732-3650 ext. 5164
    • World History

    Layne Wilson
    417-732-3650 ext. 5146
    • American History
  • Specific Course Information

    Graduation Requirements: American History or American History (H), World History or World History (H), American Government or AP American Government and Politics are all required for graduation




    American History (H)- A- or greater in both semesters of 8th grade American History.


    World History (H)- American History teacher permission, B- or greater in both semesters of American History Honors or A- or greater  in both semesters of American History, and a Lexile score of 1200 (1150-1199 might be considered with teacher referral.


    AP American Government and Politics- Minimum lexile score of 1200 (or score of 1150-1199 with teacher recommendation) and at least a B- or better in World History Honors or an A- in World History.


    Ancient History (H)- 1185 Lexile score on the SRI test and a grade B or higher in previously required Social Studies classes.


    Psychology (H)- Successful completion of Psychology (H0311) with a C or higher or instructor permission.


    As required by the school district and the state of Missouri, all students must pass the US Constitution exam in order to graduate.