• Republic Health Services

  • We work to empower kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by ensuring the environments that surround them are safe and promote good health.

  • Well-Child Appointments (Jordan Valley mobile unit) on campus

    Well Child Dates

vision screening

Vision & Hearing Screenings

  • It is our hope and desire that all students are able to learn without any barriers.  Oftentimes, visual and/or hearing impairment is the barrier for a child but with proper screenings and follow-up, all students can be successful in school.

    All routine screenings performed for Republic students by the health services staff can be declined by a parent/guardian.  Please make contact with your child's building nurse if you wish to decline or opt-out of this service.  Screenings will begin shortly after school starts and can often take weeks to months in order to reach all students that are scheduled for the current year.  Each building nurse will have a tentative schedule of screening dates for your child's building. 



    Department Overview

    The health services staff is here to partner with you and the school faculty/staff to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your child to learn and grow.   Each school building has a health office that is staffed by a nurse and is accessible to your child during school hours.  


    Our goal is to help keep your child healthy and in school learning.  If your child has a chronic health issue, concern or special needs, we will work with you and your doctor to ensure your child has his/her needs met.  


    Please contact your child's nurse for any concerns at any time during the school year.

  • A few quick reminders to keep your child healthy and in school learning:

    Wash hands frequently, before/after eating, after using the restroom and after blowing the nose.  If soap and water are unavailable, use hand sanitizer.


    Cover all coughs and sneezes.


    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.  Germs spread this way. 


    Keep your child home if he or she is ill.


    Fever is considered equal to or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Stay up to date on all immunizations. 


    Eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest to build strong immune systems.


    Get lots of exercise, sunshine and exercise.