Republic High School Physical Education Department

Physical Education Department
  • Physical Education Department Overview

    Physical Education is an important part of the total educational program. Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others. Students become aware of the social benefits of physical activity through participation. The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged.The total development of students is the goal of the educational system. Physical Education is a vital part in reaching this goal. A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program. Activities vary from creative movement to lifetime sports. The age level of the individuals is a factor determining what activity is to be provided, but the outcome at any level should be the same. All students have the need and right to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. Through a creative and well-rounded physical education program, students will benefit. 

    Teacher Information





    Dustin Baldwin
    417-732-3650 ext. 5145, 5127

    • Weight Training
    • Weight Training For Athletes

    Tim Brown
    417-732-3650 ext. 5121, 5145

    • Boys PE
    • Weight Training
    • Weight Training For Athletes

    Allison Davis 417-732-3650 ext. 

    • Lifetime Sports

    Kevin Day
    417-732-3650 ext. 5315, 5175

    • Athletic Training

    Tori Mooneyham- Department Chair
    417-732-3650 ext. 5119
    • Girls PE
    • Weight Training

    Amanda Plotner
    417-732-3650 ext. 5304
    • Weight Training

    Curt Plotner
    417-732-3650 ext. 5123, 5175
    • Boys PE
    • Weight Training
    • Weight Training For Athletes
  • Specific Course Information

    Graduation Requirements: Physical Education is required in the 9th grade.


    Prerequisites: Weights classes require a current physical.  9th grade students who wish to take a weights class must need approval from a coach. Lifetime Sports/Fitness requires 9th grade PE, ROTC1, or Weights.