Republic High School Business Department

Business Department
  • Business Department Overview

    The Business Department at Republic High School exists to help all students obtain the necessary skills to be employable, productive individuals. Practical applications and hands-on experiences build a strong foundation for either post-secondary or gainful employment. 
    The business program is designed to support the district mission, philosophy, and goal in the following ways:  provide technological training to enable students to be competitive in their vocational pursuits, explore career opportunities in order to make sound vocational choices, develop basic life skills needed to manage personal finances, and promote leadership opportunities to produce responsible citizens.


    Teacher Information




    Robert Coffey

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Business and Technology
    • Personal Finance

    Kendra Howard

    • Accounting
    • Computer Applications
    • Marketing
    • Sports Entertainment Marketing

    Benjamin McDonald

    • Digital Video Production
    • Graphic Arts

    Ronda Middleton
    • Applications in Marketing
    • Marketing/Business Leadership
    • Marketing Internship

    Robin Robertson
    • AP Computer Science A
    • Computer Science Essentials
    • Cybersecurity
    • Personal Finance
    • Web Design
  • Specific Course Information

    Some classes in the Business Department are articulated with OTC.  This means that a student who passes a class in the business department with an 80% or better can have that course put on his/her transcript at OTC and will not be required to retake that course if it is required for his/her degree program.  All students are encouraged, but not required to take advantage of this no charge opportunity to get a head start on continuing their education.
    Personal Finance is a graduation requirement for all students.  Students must have one Practical Art credit in addition to passing Personal Finance in order to meet the requirements for graduation.  The business department offers students valuable skills that will help them whether they are going directly into the workforce after graduation or continue their education.