• Mrs. Braddock
    Scarlet Braddock
    McCulloch Librarian
    234 E. Anderson St.
    Republic, MO  65738
  • Welcome to McCulloch Library!
    We are looking forward to a great year in library!  We will learn new things, find great books, and read! 
    Each week, students in second through fifth grade will be allowed to check out two library books.  One of those books must be for reading.  The other may be for reading as well or a book for an activity--I Spy, Cooking, Drawing, Etc.
     Students in first grade will choose one book each week.  This may be any book they want.  After Christmas, they will begin checking two books out and at least one will be a reading book.
    Kindergarten students will begin checking out one library book after Labor Day when we have learned about library procedures and book care.
    If you finish your books before your library time, ask your teacher about a good time to come and check out others.    
    Please practice responsibility by taking care of your books and bringing them back to library on time.  Overdue notices will be sent home periodically throughout the school year.  Overdue fines are not charged, but lost or damaged books will need to be paid for. In the event the lost book is found, we will gladly refund your money!
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