• Preschool Child Observation Record (COR) Assessment 

    The Preschool Child Observation Record (COR) outlines the various stages of development of children from the age of two and a half through their sixth birthday.  The COR is arranged into six categories of learning:  Approaches to Learning; Social/Emotional Growth; Physical Development and Health; Language, Literacy, and Communication; Mathematics; Creative Arts; Science and Technology; Social Studies; and English Language Learning (ELL).  This assessment is an authentic,developmentally appropriate instrument that is completed as part of the child’s daily routine and looks at key areas of growth. This instrument is not designed to identify problems or deficits but rather the range of your child’s developmental abilities. 


    Each Family Report is a unique profile of your child—a “portrait in words” and a record of growth and development.  Your child’s teacher(s) identify and record the growth that is taking place in the classroom as your child plays, tries out new ideas, solves problems, and makes new friends.  The report includes a statement that summarizes your child’s development in each of the assessed areas as well as a selection of “anecdotes” (brief notes about things your child has said or done in the classroom that show how he or she is growing and learning).  The activities and behaviors highlight important aspects of preschool children’s development.  We value the information we gather to help plan learning experiences for your child in the classroom to meet and extend the abilities and interests of your child.