Republic High School Agriculture and Industrial Technology Department

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  • Agriculture and Industrial Technology Department Overview

    The Ag department pushes students to their limits to create leadership skills and develop the ability to problem solve. We use real life situations and experiences to help the students learn to communicate to their communities and develop job skills necessary for the real world.. 

    Teacher Information





    David Mareth- Department Chair
    417-732-3650 ext. 5143

    • Supervised Ag Experience
    • Ag. Science 1
    • Welding 1 & 2

    Michael Shumaker
    417-732-3650 ext. 5116

    • Principles of Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Introduction to Engineering Design
    • Construction 1

    Cody Stewart
    417-732-3650 ext. 5117

    • Greenhouse/Ag. Comm.
    • Ag Science 2
    • Construction 1
    • Construction 2
    • Conservation
  • Specific Course Information

    Graduation Requirements: 1 unit of practical art credit is required for graduation.




    Principles of Engineering (PLTW) (H)- Students must have either completed Algebra I or currently be enrolled in Algebra I in order to take this course. 


    Civil Engineering and Architecture (PLTW)- Successful completion of IED and/or POE.


    Engineering Design and Development (PLTW) (H)- Successfully complete at least two from IED, POE, CEA, CSP, CSA.  


    Students scoring a 6 or higher in PLTW EOC in the following courses will be eligible for 3 college credits through multiple universities.