• Here are a few things to keep in mind when dropping off or picking up students at EC:

    • Please follow the arrows on the maps.  Enter off Main and exit on Hwy 174 for EC and Enter off Main and exit on Main for those attending the Sweeny Classroom Location.
    • Please supervise your child(ren) in the parking lot.
    • Be aware of children in the parking lot.
    • Watch your speed.  Stop and look at each crosswalk.  Children come and go throughout the school day.   
    • When picking up or dropping off, do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to start/end times.  
    • Only park in designated spots.  You must have a handicapped placard or plates to park in the handicapped spots.
    • Deviating from the provided traffic route can be a potential safety hazard for pedestrian students, and can cause other drivers frustration. 
    • Be courteous of other drivers.
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