• Board Goals

    Republic School District strives to be a continuously improving organization. We feel it is important to celebrate accomplishments and reached goals, but that it is just as important to identify opportunities for improvement and action plans to address them. Our Board of Education shares in this practice. As an example, at the October 2014 meeting they approved specific board goals and associated fidelity and performance measures to monitor progress. Those goals and measures can be found below.


    Goal 1:

    Description –

    Cont. Improvement/ Systems




    Model Continuous Improvement and “systems” thinking.


    1. Utilize quality tools such as publicly posted PDSA to monitor progress and plus/delta to address opportunities for improvement.


    2. Complete, disaggregate, and respond to semi-annual BOE self-evaluation using “MSBA Board Self-Evaluation.”


    1.  F/P, cycle dependent on topic and will be stated in goal.


    2.  F/P, semi-annual cycle date, TBD


    Goal 2:

    Description – Professional/Leader-ship Development




    Model dedication to professional and leadership development.


    1. Achieve criteria established by MSBA “Governance Team Award.”


    2. All BOE members achieve CBM certification 6 months after election.


    3. All BOE members achieve Advanced Board Member certification by conclusion of 1st term.


    1. F/P annual cycle


    2. F/P quarterly cycle


    3. F/P quarterly cycle


    Goal 3:

    Description - Community




    Foster and maintain positive relationship with internal and external communities and monitor feedback.


    1. Dispense, disaggregate, and respond to semi-annual evaluation using stake holder satisfaction survey.


    2. Join and participate monthly in a designated civic or school activity group.  (i.e. – Kiwanis, Lion’s Club, Care To Learn, Republic Comm. Foundation, Booster Club, PTO etc.)


    1.  F/P 6 month cycle


     2.  F/P monthly cycle

                                                                             Approved October 20, 2014