• Family Engagement Nights
    The Republic School District is dedicated to providing families with the tools and resources needed to address the "whole child" in regards to our students. This means creating opportunities for families to participate in events such as our newly implemented "Family Engagement Nights." We look forward to hosting events in this capacity that cover various topics.
    2014-2015 Family Engagement Nights: 
    • Our first Family Engagement Night took place on October 14, 2014 and was entitled "Parenting a Digital Citizen." See the link the right for more information.
    • The second event will be on Thursday, May 14 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Republic High School auditorium. The evening will provide detailed information about the district's technology expansion plan called RepMo Ready. Attendees will have the opportunity to find out more regarding the movement to 2:1 or 1:1 technology ratios for all students by 2018. Click HERE to see the overall RepMo Ready plan.
     RepMo Ready