SISK12 Parent Portal

    To access the Parent Portal system, click on the following link.  By doing so you signify your agreement to the terms listed below. As a reminder, all parent/guardian emails provided to the district are utilized to create Parent Portal accounts. If you are not enrolled for Parent Portal, please contact your child's school office.

    SISK12 Parent Portal Terms and Description:
    The Republic RIII School district utilizes an online service for parents called SISK12 Parent Portal. Through this web-based system, parents/guardians are able to view a variety of student record information about your child. Please note that you will need a modern digital device with Internet access along with a working email address to use the Parent Portal system, and the district is not responsible for making sure that the system works on computers not owned by the Republic RIII School District. Information for your student is available only with a password and all passwords are only distributed through email. It will be your responsibility to keep this password private, and district personnel cannot issue any passwords via phone conversation. Passwords will not be issued to school children. If a password is lost or forgotten, simply select the "forgot password" button on the login screen for a new one to be issued. 
    I understand that it is my responsibility to protect my SIS Parent Portal password. I will not share my password with my children or any other individual not legally entitled to view my child’s records. I understand that the Parent Portal web access system is offered as-is with no guarantee of service, and that the Republic RIII School District is not responsible for interruptions in or problems gaining access to this service. The SIS Parent Portal service is hosted entirely by Tyler Technologies, Inc., who is solely responsible for all technical support and for content hosted on their servers.  
    Parent Portal