• Repmo ready
    RepMO Ready is the technology expansion plan that the Republic School District implemented in order to get technology in the hands of our students to enhance their educational experience. Below is a summary of the device rollout which was completed during the 2019-20 school year. In most cases, Chromebooks are distributed for learning. Elementary students utilize devices at school. Secondary students receive a digital learning device for use both at school and at home. In order for students in grades K-12 to be issued a device for use at home, parents must:
    1) Sign the district Policies and Procedures Form  
    2) Sign the 6-12 Technology Plan Form AND/OR PK-5 Technology Plan you will need to print the appropriate portion of the document (K-5 or 6-12)]
    3) Watch the brief RepMO Ready Parent Information Video located here
    All of this can be done during online registration. 

    The district strongly encourages all families to purchase an Accidental Damage Protection Plan (ADPP) PRIOR to students taking devices home. When the cost of repairs is less than the ADPP payment, parents can opt to pay for the repair rather than implementing the ADPP for a minor repair. ADPP does not cover intentional damage as deemed by the district administration and the Technology Department.

    ADPP can be purchased:

    The deadline to purchase ADPP is August 30th*. Launch students should pay for ADPP prior to picking up the device in the building's main office.

    *Any damage that occurs without ADPP payment will incur full cost for repair or replacement of the device. Details of the ADPP can be viewed here.

    For questions, contact edtech@republicschools.org

    Click HERE to download the RepMo Ready summary document if you can not display it below.