Volunteer & Visitor Information

    Please take note of the difference between visitors and volunteers per the provided graphic.

    Visitors vs Volunteers



    Visitors are able to complete our onsite background check, Raptor, with a personal ID the day of their visit. 




    Volunteers will need to complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR). It provides a more extensive background check than our Raptor system, which is needed for volunteers who spend more individual time with students than our visitors.


    The FCSR requires volunteers to complete an online registration process that involves a one-time, lifetime fee of $15.25. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to cover this one-time, lifetime fee. The online registration process can be found at FCSR-BSEES - MO.gov. (NOTE: This registration process CANNOT be completed on a mobile browser/device.)


    Once the online portion is complete, a paper FCSR form must be completed and submitted to your student’s school each school year. This form can be found HERE. Please ensure that all personal information is current with the Family Care Safety Registry by calling 1-866-422-6872 before submitting your paper form. For extra resources, please check out our FCSR Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQs).


    Take note, the wait time for the FCSR information to be processed at the state level and for the district to be notified can be up to 10 - 15 business days. We recommend completing this process as early as possible each school year. An email or letter from the FCSR will not be accepted as a cleared status. Republic School District will request a cleared status from MO-DHSS.