Volunteer & Visitor Information

    Per the Return to Learn Plan, school buildings that have COVID19-related absences at 7% or below and are not under a mask mandate are eligible for visitors  and volunteers to come to school! 

    Please take note of the difference between visitors and volunteers per the provided graphic.

    Visitors vs Volunteers



    Visitors are able to complete our onsite background check, Raptor, with a personal ID the day of their visit. The reason for our short delay in allowing access to visitors is our need to adjust logistics and to acquire the tables and chairs needed to allow for lunchtime visitors. These extra resources are needed in response to the increase in student enrollment since we last allowed visitors in our buildings, prior to the pandemic.




    Volunteers will need to complete a new registration process as the former process is no longer available to us through the state of Missouri. This process is called the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR). It provides a more extensive background check than our Raptor system, which is needed for volunteers who spend more individual time with students than our visitors.


    The FCSR requires volunteers to complete an online registration process that involves a one-time, lifetime fee of $15.25. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to cover this one-time, lifetime fee. The online registration process can be found at FCSR-BSEES - MO.gov. (NOTE: This registration process CANNOT be completed on a mobile browser/device.)


    Once the online portion is complete, a paper FCSR form must be completed and submitted to your student’s school. This form can be found below or you can click HERE to download the form.


    Take note, the wait time for the FCSR registration to be processed and for the district to be notified can be up to two weeks. We recommend completing this process as early as possible.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.