New Students

    New student enrollment takes place in mid-July each year. However, we invite new students to participate in summer school. To do so, please contact the school site in which you will attend in the fall. 

    STEP 1:

    Welcome to the Republic School District! Most of the new student enrollment process can be done online through the SISK12 Parent Portal. To begin you’ll need to create a login in the SISK12 Parent Portal. To find the Parent Portal CLICK HERE or simply visit republicschools.org and click on the "Parent Portal" icon. This can also be accessed through the district's free mobile app. If your student has never attended Republic School District you will need to create a Parent Portal user account. To create a username select “Register New Family” and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked to enter an email address. This will be your username moving forward. A verification email will be sent and then you can move forward through the process, which includes receiving a password. If your student has attended Republic School District in the past, to access the Parent Portal that was formerly used insert your email address for the username and the password, if you remember it. If you do not, simply select "Forgot your parent password" and follow the prompts. If you need assistance, contact the school building your child will attend. 

    new family snip  

    Once you get logged in to the Parent Portal, below are a few tips to keep in mind:

    Online Form Tips:

    • At the bottom left of each form you must select the "completed form" statement in red to move forward. 
    • You can only submit your forms to the district one time each school year. Once they are submitted you cannot go back and change them. 
    • Once all forms are "complete" select "save" ---> "list" and a pop up screen will appear asking if you are ready to submit to the district. If you are, select "ok" and a congratulatory pop up will appear. 


    There is a toolbar at the bottom of each form that should be used. Here are a few items to note: 

    1. Only use the arrows in this toolbar to navigate through the forms. Do NOT use your internet browser arrows.
    2. Click the "list" button at any time to return to the full list of forms.
    3. The "save" button can be used to save your work if you need to logout and come back later to complete the forms. 

     NOTE: The Parent Portal is a tool that parents can use to monitor items like meal balances, grades, attendance, etc. We recommend using it throughout the school year!


    STEP 2:

    Once the online enrollment process is completed, new families will need to bring the following documents to the school your student will attend. If you have multiple students to enroll, visit each student's school building to complete the process. Please note, enrollment documents need to be turned in by noon for attendance the next school day. 

    • Student’s birth certificate 
    • Student’s current immunization record 
    • Proof of Residency
      • If the name of the parent/guardian for the student being enrolled is not on the "Proof of Residency", a Request for Residency Waiver must be requested at the Federal Programs Office (636 N. Main, Republic inside the Early Childhood Center building). It is suggested to call Federal Programs prior to your visit to confirm they are available, 735-3715. Waiver must be signed and notarized by the resident owner & parent/guardian of student. Proof of residency must be provided in the resident owner’s name to complete waiver.
      • The following documents will be accepted as proof of residency:
        • Real Estate Contract
        • Rental Agreement 
        • Utility Bill (one of the following): 
          • Electric 
          • Gas 
          • Water 
    • Current IEP/Evaluation Report or Section 504 Plan (if applicable) 
    • Divorce decree or court order if child specific stipulations are indicated or guardianship papers (if applicable) 
    • For foster children, DCN #/social worker information/biological parent information 
    • For students entering from home schooling environment, documentation of educational services provided
    Residency Changes
    If your address has changed, it is very important that you notify the school district as soon as possible. Please complete all of the items under the "Proof of Residency" bullet listed above in order to register your new address with the Republic School District.
    School Identification


    The Republic School District has one Early Childhood Center, five elementary buildings, one middle school and one high school. Attendance boundary areas determine which elementary building each student will attend. Please CLICK HERE to determine which attendance boundary area you live in based on your mailing address. For questions, contact 417.732.3605.   


    Free/Reduced Meal Application
    CLICK HERE for a free/reduced meal application. To learn more about the Republic Food Service Department CLICK HERE. This page includes menus and how to submit meal payments.