Introduction to the Republic School District CSIP

    The comprehensive school improvement plan (CSIP) is a strategic plan to guide district improvement in five year increments.  The community priorities, which were identified through 1,300 + community survey responses, will be addressed by four district goals. Strategies to support community priorities were developed through collaborative efforts of the 135 community members who participated on goal teams.  Fidelity measures and performance measures were identified to monitor implementation and performance of each strategy.  A full description of the strategies and measures are included in the CSIP.


    The CSIP is a “living document” that may be adjusted following the annual review of fidelity and performance measures.  This adjustment allows the CSIP to serve as a driver of continuous improvement so that the Republic School District may remain focused, agile, and accountable in meeting the changing needs of its students and community.

    CSIP Summary
    vision mission           goals
    Full CSIP Document