Republic School District




What is Canvas?

Canvas the name of the new online learning management system that is being utilized at the Middle School and High School. It is a rich tool that will help teachers provide a one-stop online shop to enhance student learning opportunities. Students are enrolling themselves into their classes, or courses in Canvas jargon, and parents can be Observers of those courses.

Parents can sign up for a free account in order to view the resources and activities posted in their child’s courses that are available on Canvas. Directions to sign up can be found here. Parents will need their child’s username (the student Google Account username) and their child’s password (the student Google Account password) to sign up. All secondary courses should be active by September 1, 2015. Parents can: 

  • See announcements and the course syllabus
  • Keep up with events and assignments on the course calendar
  • See your child's assignments and quizzes, but not his/her discussion posts
  • View your child’s scores for assignments completed through Canvas (always check Parent Portal for official student grades)
  • Use the Inbox to contact the teacher
  • Set up notifications to get emails or texts for announcements, assignments, etc.
  • View the Modules page, if available in the navigation
  • View files and pages in the course

Parent Resources: