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Partnership with City of Republic, MoDOT & OTO will bring Roundabout near RHS

Through a partnership with the City of Republic, MoDOT and the Ozarks Transportation Organization grant funds have been obtained to address traffic flow near Republic High School. Transportation experts from these organizations have indicated that the construction of a roundabout located at the M Highway entrance of Republic High School would greatly assist in improving driver safety in this area. 

Some have asked "why a roundabout?" Experts believe that a roundabout will slow traffic down in this area, and will also eliminate multiple driver decisions as only right turns can be made. They also indicate that collisions that occur on roundabouts are in most cases much less severe than collisions that occur at stop lights or stop signs. All of these indications promote safety for all drivers, but especially lend themselves to positives for our young, student drivers. 
In addition, we have been informed that the traffic count study conducted by MoDOT did not meet the minimum vehicle count to add a traffic signal(s) in this area. Therefore, along with the reasons listed above, traffic signals are not an option.  

As indicated above, a grant through MoDOT has been secured, but also has a cost-share element. The total cost of the project will be approximately $2,001,000. The grant will cover $1,000,500, the City of Republic will cover $114,170 ($772,160 of federal STP funds have been issued to the City which will be utilized for this project.) and the district cost will be $78,870 (a $35,300 credit was awarded for the district's property that will be used for the project).

A timeline for construction is still being determined. We look forward to working with these entities to create a safer roadway for our community.