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Annual Performance Report Released

Last year you may remember us sharing that we received 100% on our Annual Performance Report (APR) from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The APR is basically our annual “grade card” from the State. It takes a look at performance standards like MAP/EOC scores, graduation rates, attendance rates, ACT scores, etc. to determine accreditation and performance levels.
This year, the State has changed the way they provide results of the APR which means no overall percentage is assigned to school districts. However, what is shared are data points focused on growth to help us meet student needs.
We have GREAT news to share again this year! Although no percentage point to share from the State, below is a summary of this year’s APR results.
**English and math achievement is HIGHER than the state average across the district. Science results have not been shared yet, and social studies was not included.
**Student growth is EXCEEDING state expectations.
**The district is above STATE AVERAGE in the percentage of graduates who are college and career ready.
**The district’s attendance rate SURPASSES the State’s expectations.
Although APR results are important, the Republic School District continues to be focused upon and continuously monitoring our community created Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). This strategic plan is our district's road map to best meet the needs of our students here in Republic! We're very pleased with the progress we've made with our CSIP goals as well. A full report can be found at
Republic School District district attributes these successes to the hard work of our students and employee team! There has been a very intentional focus on goal setting and addressing individual gaps in student achievement. Way to go Tigers! #REPMOPROUD