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CSIP Update

The Republic School District completed year three (2018-2019) of a five year Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). The CSIP was developed during the 2015-2016 school year with input from over 1,000 community members and parents via survey. More than 120 people participated in goal teams to narrow the focus and provide sufficient direction for the District. Each year the District reports progress to the Board of Education and the following items were highlighted during the October academic updates presentation to the Board of Education. The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan can be viewed by clicking here. 

  • REPMO Ready technology initiative has been fully implemented
  • CSIP academic measures continue to improve
  • Leadership, goal setting, and positive behavior support are strengths
  • Career exploration is a strength across the District K-12
  • Student interventions are helping students persist to graduation
  • Improved measures are needed for project based learning and blended learning
  • Student subgroup attendance just missed the goal of 94% in secondary schools